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What is POLi?

POLi is another popular pre-paid method for gamblers from Australia and New Zealand, and you’re not required to set up an account or register to use it — you simply transfer funds via POLi directly from your bank account to your casino account. However, while this is a very convenient method to use for deposits, it is not available to use for withdrawals, and so this needs to be remembered if you’re looking for the fastest casino payout methods.

With Poli those users which want to pay or get paid online can really forget about the usage of the credit cards. This payment system works right with user’s online banking accounts serving as a proxy between bank online payment systems and all kinds of online services.

When working with Poli, a user goes through the following procedures:

  • Selecting Poli as a payment method
  • Bank selection – a user needs to indicate the bank which he wants to use to pay for the services desired
  • Entering credentials – user enters his login and password to his bank online payment systems
  • Populating the payment details. Poli allows users to forget the painstaking entering of the purchase information
  • Confirming the bank wire transaction

Advantages of online payment system POLi:

  • When you use POLi, you are not required to register. Apart from the deposit amount you do not enter any other details. This makes POLi simple to use.
  • When you use POLi, you do not log in to your bank account from the online casino site, but from the POLi site. Therefore your bank details will never be on the server of the online casino.
  • POLi does not levy any fees for transferring funds to online casino accounts.
  • Since POLi is a debit option you are not gambling with borrowed money and will not run up credit that you cannot settle when due.

Cons of using POLi casino banking option:

  • The biggest disadvantage of POLi is that you cannot use it for making withdrawals at online casinos. Players who deposit funds through POLi will usually receive their winnings through check payment. It could well be two weeks before you get the funds in your bank account.
  • Though neither POLi nor the online casino will charge any fees, normal bank charges for transfer of funds are likely to apply. You need to check with your bank how much these will be.
  • Other payment options like credit cards and electronic wallets reward loyalty through reward points, cash backs and promotions. You will not get any such freebies with POLi.
  • Though you need not register with POLi, your bank has to be registered. If your bank is not registered then this option will not work.
  • Since you will be transferring funds giving online instructions to your bank, you need to have Internet banking facility.

What currencies does the online casino payment system POLi support?

The online casino payment system Poli support USD, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar.

How safe is POLi?

At POLi they do pay a great deal of attention to safety of their payment method. They keep stressing that the solution is completely secure on almost every page of the company’s website. This should also be true, because POLi uses secure https connection with 128-bit encryption. The online transactions are constantly monitored by the team.

Probably the most obvious reason why online casino players use POLi is the fact that it hides personal banking card details in the process of using. So those gamblers who prefer this sensitive data to be hidden will be able to do it with POLi easily. Also, the company does not provide the information they collect on their users to third parties.

Is POLi available for online casino players who are not from Australia or New Zealand?

Yes, although this payment solution was developed with the Aussie and New Zealand players in mind, POLi will gladly accept gamblers from other lands.

Do online casinos allow withdrawals to POLi?

Yes, many online casinos allow withdrawing with the help of this online banking method.

Are there any limits for transactions with POLi to online casinos?

There are certain limits set by the casinos on the allowed transactions, yes. Players should consult the terms of the specific online casino they want to play at.

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