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Deposits in online casinos

For many people who want to get into the world of online casinos, one of the more daunting prospects is depositing money into their Internet casino accounts. New players often wonder what options are available to them, whether it is safe to share their financial information, or if there are any common issues with gambling deposits that they need to watch out for.

The good news is that depositing money at an online casino isn’t much different than buying something from a website or any other online transaction you might be familiar with. While your options will vary depending on what is available to you and where you live, there are always ways for most people to get money into their casino accounts safely and securely without too much hassle.

Making deposits at any of the online casinos is straightforward. Simply visit the cashier section of your chosen casino, select your payment method, check what the minimum deposit requirement is, and transfer your funds.

When it comes to deposits, best way of casino deposit are instant transfers and e-wallets are the leaders. Trustly, Skrill, and Neteller, iDEAL, EcoCard (EcoPayz), and PayPal are the most popular tools for transferring money to casinos. They are accepted universally, but aren’t available in all countries, which makes it a challenge for some players to use them.

These services are reliable and secure. As neither of them allows the gambling portal direct access to your bank account, these payments are the safest option for everyone.

Can I put money in an online gambling site?

Yes. In fact most sites will require you to fund your personal gambling account before you’ll be allowed to join real money games. The most common paymet methods include: Credit/debit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover E-Wallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Mondex Bank, MoneyGram, Western Union Prepaid cards.

What deposit methods are available for online casino gamblers?

This is too long a list to cover here. And it depends on where you live. The most common options include: Credit/debit card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover E-Wallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Mondex Bank wires Cash transfers – MoneyGram, Western Union Prepaid cards. The individual options (individual brands/companies) – available on a regional basis – will be some variation of the main options listed above.

Can I gamble with a credit card online?

Yes. Most sites will accept a credit card payment, but make sure that you card has been cleared for international transactions. This is also one of the few deposit methods that you can use regardless of your country of residence. Just keep in mind that withdrawals to credit / debit cards are limited and only available in a handful of online casinos / poker rooms.

Can I gamble with a debit card online?

Yes. Most sites that accept credit card deposits will also accept debit card payments.

Should I send copies of my credit or debit card to a gambling site for verification?

Your personal information is safe with well-known gambling sites as the key to their success lies in providing a secure environment for their players, so you definitely should feel comfortable sending all required documents during the verification process; refusing to do so could prevent you from validating your account and cashing out.

Can I use cash for online gambling instead of a credit card?

While most online gambling sites don’t accept cash or even bank wire transfers as a payment method, many quality casinos and poker rooms will allow you to fund your account via a Western Union or Moneygram money transfer.

Are online gambling winnings reported to the government?

No. Online gambling sites are very serious about protecting the privacy of their customers, so no financial information is reported to the government unless the company in question is based in a jurisdiction that requires it to do so (which it very rarely is). Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that some gambling-related data – particularly when it comes to poker – can be obtained from statistical websites and there’s nothing to stop government officials from accessing these public resources, although it’s worth mentioning that these statistical services will not identify you by your first and last name – only your nickname.

How long does it take to process my deposit?

In general, deposits are processed instantly. This means that your money will appear in your account immediately no matter what method you’ve used.

Will the casinos charge processing fees when I make withdrawals?

That depends on the casino. Some online casinos impose fees even for deposits, while some decide to cover the expenses for their players. However, your bank might have fees.

Can casinos delay my payments even if I have done nothing wrong?

Sadly, yes. Casinos are not regulated in regards to how they pay and can take as much time as they need to audit your winnings before they cash them out, especially if it is a big win.

Can I track my previous deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. At most casinos you can view your payment history. This is where they’ll show you every deposit and withdrawal you made within a specific time frame.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at gambling sites?

Absolutely Yes; all credit/debit card details are stored on a secure server protected by the latest firewall systems. If you don’t feel safe using your card, you still have a great choice of other casino banking methods accepted by most online casinos. Pick your favourite deposit and withdrawal options from our list of online casino banking methods.

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