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What is ClickandBuy?

ClickandBuy is a popular, worldwide electronic payment system originally established in Germany. It was introduced to the market by Firstgate Internet AG, a company from Cologne, in 1999.

Later ClickandBuy moved to UK market arranging the headquarters in London. ClickandBuy International Ltd obtained permission on the issue of e-currency from Financial Services Authority in the UK. In 2010 Click and Buy was purchased by Deutsche Telekom AG, a large telecommunications company from Bohn.

Having over 13 million customers all around the world ClickandBuy attracts people by fast, safe and comfortable payments and money transferring as well as by great verity of payment methods (more than 50, both local and international!). This e-wallet works with 120 currencies and is especially popular in Europe and Asia. Thus there is no wonder the number of online casinos that accept Clickandbuy has been constantly growing.

No purchases made in online shops are the subject for fees, and the only necessary condition for using ClickandBuy with no issues is linking it to valid a bank account.

ClickandBuy accounts have different levels of verification and thus there are different limits on the amount of payments. Limits depend on Clickandbuy payment methods, country and account status. Also you should check minimum and maximum limits fixed by a casino as well as fees though such casinos based on first-class Microgaming or Playtech software do not charge fees either for Clickandbuy casino deposit or for withdrawal. Note also, that only major casinos offer their users ClickandBuy deposit and withdrawal so it can be considered as an indication for a casino reliability.

How to make a deposit using the online casino payment method ClickandBuy?

For depositing you need to choose ClickandBuy as a payment method and then to enter the number of your account in the system, the e-mail and the sum of money you’d like to deposit and after moving to your ClickandBuy account – to enter your login, e-mail and password. If your funds on ClickandBuy account are insufficient for making deposit, they will be debited from the attached credit or debit card. Deposit processing is instant. Also ClickandBuy provides currency conversion.

How to make a withdrawal using the online casino payment method ClickandBuy?

The withdrawal procedure is similar to that of depositing, but withdrawal request processing by a casino usually takes up to 24 hours. Then you can withdraw the money from your ClickandBuy account to the bank account or attached card. The system charge Withdrawal Handling Fee (depending on country) and Currency Exchange Fee (5.9 %).

Does ClickandBuy allow transactions to and from online casinos?

Yes, most online casinos accept payments made by means of ClickandBuy as well as allow withdrawing funds to this online solution. But the players should definitely check whether their country has online gambling restrictions applied.

Does ClickandBuy hide personal bank information of its users?

Yes, it surely does. One of the best things about this online payment system is that third parties will not know sensitive bank data of those who make payments by its means.

What are the terms of transactions via ClickandBuy?

The transactions are instant in case of making deposits to online casinos. Yet, they can take up to several days in case of withdrawals from the casinos.

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