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Mastercard is an online casino deposit method.

Mastercard emerges as Visa’s greatest competitor in the credit card industry. The payment method is widely accepted at the majority of the casino sites on the web and continues to establish itself as one of the online casino payment options which is most reliable and accepted at most online casino sites. But withdrawals are generally not available to either form of MasterCard. We would always recommend an alternative payment method, as if you use MasterCard to make deposits, you will receive your funds when you withdraw via bank cheque, which is by far the slowest payout method.

The same applies to the small number of online casinos where Diner’s Club cards are accepted — this will be for deposits only and you won’t be able to withdraw funds to it.

Depositing funds by plastic card MasterCard is convenient not only for players but also for the casinos online, so it can be done at most online casinos. A deposit in an online casino can be made in the casino box office or in the player’s profile, or just on the home page via a link like “recharge.”

What is Mastercard securecode?

MasterCard SecureCode is an additional layer of security that helps protect legitimate cardholders from unauthorised use of their bankcard. This is a scheme set up by MasterCard, though your bank will implement the scheme on behalf of MasterCard. If you have any questions relating to this scheme, please contact your card issuer directly.

How do i sign up to Mastercard securecode?

You can do this when you attempt to deposit to your account, if your bankcard issuer is part of the MasterCard SecureCode scheme. You will be given the option to register before your transaction is complete. Alternatively, please contact your bank and they will complete the registration on your behalf.

What if i don’t want to sign up to Mastercard securecode?

You have the option to sign up to use the MasterCard SecureCode scheme. However, if your card issuer is a part of the scheme and you choose not to sign up to MasterCard SecureCode, you will not be able to use this bankcard at online casino.

What if i’ve forgotten my Mastercard securecode password?

If you forget your MasterCard SecureCode password, you can use the “Forgotten Password” link on the MasterCard SecureCode deposit confirmation screen. Alternatively, contact your bankcard issuer directly and they should assist you further.

What are MasterCard transaction fees?

The transaction fees for MasterCard are really low. But there is the monthly fee if a cardholder does not make transactions for some time or if it says so in the MasterCard package a user has.

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