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What is EcoCard?

EcoCard is a trademark of PSI-Pay Ltd located in the UK. The company activity is authorized and regulated by FCA as an electronic money issuer. PSI-Pay Ltd obtained the permission to act on the entire territory of EU and since 2000 Ecocard has been providing services as safe and easy-to-use virtual e-wallet becoming rather popular all around the world. It supports over 20 currencies and allows various methods of funding, both local and international. The system is especially appreciated by alternative options to the credit cards.

EcoPayz is a kind of extended mode for EcoCard owners. This online payment system offers even more opportunities and has wider range of offers.

EcoPayz solution includes EcoCard.

EcoCard popularity and steady development determined the great interest to it from the part of the best online casinos. Though not all the casinos are able to provide the gamblers with EcoCard payment method, the services based on RTG, Microgaming and Playtech casino software such as 32Red Casino and some others enable the players to get all advantages of using EcoCard services.

Withdrawal can be easily performed by transferring money from your playing account to EcoCard and then to your bank account (10 flat fee is charged). Keep in mind that only Wire Transfer is available for withdrawing money from EcoCard and the requests are processed by the system within 3 days. Bank details are needed for transferring money to your bank account.

Advantages of EcoCard for online gambling

  • A great advantage of EcoCard payment system is that it gives the ability to open several accounts in different currencies.
  • EcoCard cares about the privacy of its customers and does not disclose their personal information when they make payments. A great advantage of the payment system is that it is presented in a large number of online casinos, including top Microgaming, Playtech and RTG casinos.
  • Registration in the system is very simple, and the process does not take much time. In addition, you can order a card with prepaid EcoCard MasterCard. This card will work like a normal bank card, but it also can help you manage your funds on the account of EcoCard.
  • Another convenient service provided by the EcoCard is the ability to manage your funds with the help of a smartphone. All you need to do is simply install a small app on the mobile device and gain internet access.

Do I have to use Visa or MasterCard to transfer money to my EcoCard account?

There are many ways to add funds to your EcoCard account, and Visa and MasterCard transfers are definitely on the list. For detailed information you can always access the official site of EcoPayz or EcoCard.

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