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Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is one of the online casino payment methods.

Credit and debit cards are accepted at all our recommended sites, although there are different conditions applied to each of the major brands. Credit and debit cards are so popular today, they are steadily winning over cash payments in the most advanced countries. For example, over 56% of all mobile payments in the US are made through debit cards and almost 48% through credit cards. The most popular gambling credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro.

Payments with credit and debit cards are rather popular in European countries, although the rate of their use is slowly waning as people choose alternative banking options. At the moment, the residents of Spain (36%), France (52%), Belgium (47%) and the UK (49%) are the leaders in using these payment tools for online transactions.

The main advantage of these banking methods is their availability as today you can get a debit/credit card anywhere. The problem with online gambling payments is that they may not be accepted. This is the matter decided by the bank, as it’s determined by their inner policy regarding gambling transactions.

Advantages of using cards in online casinos

If you like gambling in on-line casinos there are considerable advantages of using cards when dealing with them:

  • You can start right away. Since the payments from Visa and Mastercard are processed quite quickly, a user can play in online casino as soon as he wants
  • Casinos can identify you as a valid user
  • No need to fill in lengthy registration forms (you need that with e-wallets)
  • There is one more advantage of a bank cards over different types of on-line currencies and e-wallets similar to PayPal or Skrill. And it is considerable – when you win, you can get your your money to your banking card way quicker. Really – in a matter of hour at max. With e-wallets you’ll need to send the money to your card first and wait for some time (in some cases – couple of days).

Disadvantages of using cards in online casinos

Banking cards also have some disadvantages when used with on-line casinos:

  • You can not stay anonymous. Unlike all kinds of e-wallets and electronic currencies which allow certain degree of anonymity, when using a banking card with on-line casinos, all your transactions are recorded by your bank and the casino
  • Security reasons. When dealing with casinos you need to deal with those reliable and secure among them, since if a casino gets hacked your credit card details may end up in the hands of malevolent individuals.

Visa is an online casino payment method

As the first credit card which suited all types of purchases that could be made online, Visa has managed to maintain its status as the largest and most successful payment method network across the globe. One of the benefits of using Visa is that it’s accepted at almost every online casino, so in hindsight your Visa card will almost never get declined.

Visa offers a variety of options, such as Visa Debit and Visa Electron, which is definitely the reason why it’s the most popular card used for online casino payments. As it is available almost all over the world, its popularity level is high in all countries. Although, the leaders among Visa users are Europe and North America, as well as Japan.

What is verified by VISA?

Verified by Visa is an additional layer of security that helps protect legitimate cardholders from unauthorised use of their bankcard. This is a scheme set up by Visa, though your bank will implement the scheme on behalf of Visa. If you have any questions relating to this scheme, please contact your card issuer directly.

How do i sign up to verified by VISA?

You can do this when you attempt to deposit to your account, if your bankcard issuer is part of the Verified by Visa scheme. You will be given the option to register before your transaction is complete. Alternatively, please contact your bank and they will complete the registration on your behalf.

What if i don’t want to sign up to verified by VISA?

You have the option to sign up to use the Verified by Visa scheme. However, if your card issuer is a part of the scheme and you choose not to sign up to Verified by Visa, you will not be able to use this bankcard at real money casino. You may, of course use any of our others deposit methods.

What if i’ve forgotten my verified by visa password?

If you forget your Verified by Visa password, you can use the “Forgotten Password” link on the Verified by Visa deposit confirmation screen. Alternatively, contact your bankcard issuer directly and they should assist you further.

How long does it take for the money to transfer from my VISA to the online casino?

The transactions are almost instant when it comes to deposits to online casinos. There may be some waiting time set by the casinos in case of withdrawals.

Advantages of using Visa include:

  • Instant availability of funds once your Visa deposit has been made.
  • Visa is also an accepted method for withdrawing casino winnings.
  • Payments are backed by Visa’s anti-fraud security teams to ensure your safety.
  • Both Visa credit and debit cards are accepted, which means you can gamble using your own funds with your debit card if you’re nervous about accessing your line of credit for gambling purposes.
  • Many Visa credit cards offer customer rewards programs, so you may be eligible to earn Visa rewards points when depositing funds online depending on the account you have in place with your financial institution.

The downside of using Visa is:

  • You are restricted by your line of credit with Visa cards, which may be a hindrance if you have limited credit funds and wish to place higher bets.
  • You may be restricted by daily transaction limits enforced by your bank, as some banks adhere to a certain amount of Visa expenditure within a 24 hour time frame. Contact your financial institution for specific details regarding their daily Visa limits.
  • Be aware that while making Visa deposits at online casinos is generally free, your bank may impose an international transaction fee for payments made to foreign run casinos.

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