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What is iDEAL?

iDEAL is an instant transactions provider most popular in the Scandinavian region. It doesn’t charge transfer fees and is very flexible in terms of transactions. iDEAL the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands with over 55% of the population using this service for all their financial transactions.

Please note that these payment methods are almost exclusively used for deposits only. However, they offer a huge advantage for time-limited promotions as your money literally gets to the casino instantly.

Which online casinos can I use bank transfer to depositing and withdraw money?

Almost all of our featured sites accept direct bank transfer (also known as a wire transfer) to deposit money into your casino account, and some enable you to use this method for withdrawals as well (but not all, so check).

What drawbacks does a bank transfer have?

The most significant drawback of bank transfer is the time it takes to process transactions going both ways. For instance, it can take a deposit via wire transfer up to 3 working days to reach your casino account, and the same amount of time to make a withdrawal, remembering of course that you also need to add the casino’s processing time on top of this.

How safe is a bank transfer?

The direct bank transfers are very secure, but they don’t come with much privacy attached. Your dealings with your casino will appear on your bank statements in one form or another, and while for some this isn’t an issue, for many players it’s enough to make them seek alternative, faster payment methods instead.

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