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Like MasterCard also Visa is a credit card that has been used since the dawning of internet pay-sites by millions of cybernauts all around the world.

Visa is not only accepted as a legitimate online payment method is most popular in Europe, but can also be used to pay at countless points of sale, whether at your local grocery store or while on holiday in a restaurant. Also for payments in an online casino Visa is still widely accepted and regarded as a legitimate payment option. On this page you can pick from the many Netent Casinos that allow Visa payments at their cashier.

What is VISA?

Just like MasterCard also VISA is a credit card and thus the use of a VISA credit card is linked to your regular bank account. Also with VISA you basically take a loan that you’ll repay with money on your normal bank account by an upfront established repayment arrangement, usually after 30 days of making the VISA payment. In the same way as is the case with MasterCard you are able to spend money that you actually don’t have on your account and therefore it’s easy to spend more than you can afford.

Also a VISA credit card allows you to make payments at millions of points of sale (POS) worldwide, whether online in a web-store, at the grocery around the corner or while on holiday in a foreign country. The card can be used to withdraw money out of ATMs at banks in your country of residence as well as in foreign countries and the goal of VISA is to replace cash money transactions as much as possible by electronic transfers.

Again the same as with the MasterCard credit cards besides most banks there are numerous organizations and institutions that are licensed to issue the VISA credit card to their clients. In this way various “branded” VISA cards can be obtained and there’s even the possibility to get a VISA credit card with an image of your own face printed on it.

A VISA credit card provides you with an upfront established amount of monthly credit of which the height depends on the kind of card, the issuing organization and of course your monthly income. Some card emitting companies will offer you multiple arrangements to repay the payments made with the card.

Paying with VISA in an online casino

Depositing on your casino account in an online casino basically follows the same procedure as with the MasterCard credit card. On the payment page of the casino website you have to choose for “Credit Cards” as the payment option to next opt for “VISA” as the credit card you want to use. You have to fill in the VISA card number, your name (as written on the card), the card’s expiring date and the 3 digit CVC safety code that’s written on the back of your card. After indicating the amount of money you want to deposit you need to check and verify the payment details and confirm.

Like all payments with a credit card the money will be instantly available on your casino account and ready to be wagered.

The fees charged by online casinos for a VISA deposit vary from casino to casino. If the deposit isn´t free normally a fee of 2% – 3% for every deposit made with the VISA credit card must be paid. Some casinos will drop the service fee if the deposit amount exceeds a certain value.

Also the minimum deposit amount and the maximum limits for a VISA deposit depends on the casino the payment is made in. Most online casinos have set the minimum on € 10 and the maximum limit can be up to € 5.000.

Although credit card payments are instant, the time it takes the deposited amount is deducted from the bank account linked to the VISA credit card can take up to 3 – 5 days.

Withdrawing with VISA in an online casino

Withdrawing funds from the casino account with VISA is done the same way as a deposit is made. The player needs to provide the credit card number, the name on the credit card, the expiring date of the card and the 3-digit CVC number.

However, not every online casino allows players to make withdrawing with VISA in an online casino and if they do they normally want a player to first have made a successful deposit by using the same card.

Regarding the fees for making VISA withdrawals also this varies from casino to casino. Some casinos allow their players to make a certain amount of withdrawals per 30 days, and if more withdrawals are made a fee per extra transaction will be charged. Minimum and maximum limits for withdrawals (as for making deposits with VISA) will also vary per casino.

The processing time for a withdrawal with VISA will typically be 3 to 7 banking days and most online casinos will ask their players to provide additional identification documents (which also can prolong the time before the withdrawn money has reached the account of the player.

Advantages of using VISA

The main advantages of paying with a VISA credit card are:

  • Depositing money at an online casino with VISA is easy and the procedure to make the payment normally will not take longer than a few minutes;
  • Deposits made with a VISA credit card are instant (the money will be immediately available on the casino account);
  • For some players it might be an advantage it´s possible to deposit in an online casino while there´s actually no money on the funding bank account (as VISA basically provides the player with a loan that has to be paid off after a certain amount of time):
  • VISA as an online payment method on millions of other websites and millions of points of sale all around the world can come in very handy.

Disadvantages of using VISA

There are several disadvantages of using VISA as an (online) payment method:

  • The principal disadvantage of using VISA credit card for payments (whether online in web stores, online casinos, on other websites or in normal “real life” points of sale) is you can very easily lose track on what you´re spending. You’re able to make payments with money that you don’t have so a certain amount of self-control is required to not spend more than you can afford.
  • When using VISA you have to be very careful with both the credit card data as well as your personal information, as combined they’ll allow third parties to make unauthorized misuse of your card. And as with every VISA deposit this data needs to be provided many players feel uncomfortable in using VISA (and credit cards in general) to deposit money on their casino accounts.
  • Another disadvantage is that not all banks to which the VISA credit card is linked allow payments made in online casinos. Also the fact some casinos will allow deposits made with the card but no withdrawals can be a reason to opt for another deposit / withdrawal methods do casinos. And in case a casino actually is allowing withdrawals by VISA the processing time (in combination with having to provide additional identification documents) might be another considerable disadvantage.
  • Last but not least some casinos charge a fee for both receiving payments with VISA credit card as well as for withdrawing with the card, which can make VISA for a lot of players a less favorable online casino payment method.

Where to pay with VISA

In the past (when casino websites first started to appear on the internet) the VISA credit card was one of the preferred and therefore most widely used payment methods for loads of online casino players.

However, with the emerging of e-wallets, prepaid (debit) cards, prepaid vouchers etc. (most of which are offering the same swiftness and reliability for making online payments, but also offer complete anonymity) VISA has lost a lot of its appeal as one of online payment methods.

Still also nowadays most of the Netent Casinos allow you to upgrade your casino account with a credit card, whether VISA or MasterCard. To find out in which casinos this payment method can be used you can have a look at the side-bar on the right-hand side of this page.

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