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Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers, is an online payment system that allows players to make payments at almost all online casinos on the internet using your Skrill account.

The advantage of Skrill is that payments are anonymous and winnings can be cashed out to Skrill, after which the money can be withdrawn with a Skrill debit card.

Skrill is an UK based company founded in 2001 under the name “Moneybookers” and as a Money Service Business provides a wide range of online casino financial services to its clients. On their website Skrill claims to have more than 36 million clients worldwide, that their service is available in 200 countries, that payments with Skrill can be made in 40 different currencies and are accepted by more than 156.000 web shops and other internet pay-sites.

The service of Skrill consists of providing their clients with a personal internet bank account (e-wallet) which can be uploaded with money (in 100 local currencies). Subsequently the funds on the Skrill account can be used to make payments on the internet.

To use the service one needs to open a Skrill account on their website, after which you cannot only make money transactions, but also enjoy many more advantages and services that Skrill offers. Opening a Skrill account is free, is done in less than 5 minutes and the only real requirement is that one has to have a valid e-mail address.

Once an account is opened the account needs to be uploaded with funds to be able to make payments by Skrill. This can either be done using a credit card, an online or conventional bank transfer, other e-wallets or any other funds upload option that is accepted by Skrill. Which and how many options can be used as well as the processing time of the upload depends on the country in which the Skrill account holder is residing and which upload method is chosen. In most cases the uploaded money will be instantly available on the Skrill account.

As soon as there are funds available on the Skrill account it can be used in various ways:

  • To make instant payments to any website that accepts the Skrill payment system;
  • To instantly withdraw money from other websites and / or internet accounts (back to your Skrill account);
  • To instantly pay for purchases made in webshops;
  • To instantly send money to (and / or receive money from) other Skrill account holders.

The common factor in above described uses of the Skrill account are they are instantly carried out. However, when you want to transfer money from your Skrill account to your normal bank account or credit card account it can take up to a few days before this transfer is completed (this, again, is subject to local circumstances).

The fees charged for using the different Skrill services are variable although Skrill strives to keep those fees as low as possible. For example, to send to and / or receive money from other Skrill account holders a maximum fee of € 10 is applied. In most cases the services are free of charge.

If the currency of the payment is different than the currency on the Skrill account a foreign exchange rate will be charged.

To check the current status of the Skrill account and to see how many funds are available and which transactions have been made the Skrill account can be accessed on the Skrill website from all over the world (by internet).

Financial transactions made with Skrill are completely anonymous as the only occasion on which personal and / or financial date has to be provided is when opening the account and when uploading the account with funds. No information is revealed to the recipients of payments by using the e-wallet and the service uses the most sophisticated encryption software to keep the transactions safe.

Skrill offers its clients the possibility to request a physical (plastic) debit MasterCard which can not only be used to make payments everywhere a MasterCard is accepted (thus at millions of both online as well as real-life points of sale worldwide) but also to withdraw cash money from any ATM or bank connected to the MasterCard network.

In addition to all the above Skrill clients can benefit from many discounts and other profitable arrangements by using the e-wallet for their (online) payments.

Paying in an online casino using Skrill

It may take some effort to open a Skrill account and to verify it, but when you eventually have opened the account, you can enjoy the many advantages of this popular gambling payment method for regular players. The service is easy, quick, anonymous and especially very safe in use. You can make payment transactions at almost every online casino with Skrill.

Just like many other e-wallet payments in online casinos also Skrill payments are done “in a jiffy”.

On the ”Deposit” page of the online casino you opt for “E-wallets” and in the sub-menu you choose “Skrill” (or “Moneybookers”).

You’ll be asked to provide your the e-mail address with which you’ve registered at Skrill and the amount you want to deposit. If the currency of the casino account is different than the currency of your Skrill account you need to provide the currency of your Skrill account too.

After this you’ll be asked to confirm the payment and you are re-directed to the Skrill website where you need to login on your account and confirm the payment again.

Instantly the money will be transferred to your casino account and you can play your favorite casino games. Normally for deposits made in an online casino using the Skrill system no fee whatsoever is asked.

Withdrawing in an online casino using Skrill

Making withdrawals at online casinos account with Skrill is virtually done in the same way as depositing with it. Also withdrawals are carried out instantly and in most online casinos no fees are asked to process the withdrawal.

Advantages of using Skrill

The advantages of using Skrill for both depositing money at an online casinos as well as withdrawing are the following:

  • The Skrill transactions are carried out instantly;
  • Payments made with Skrill are completely anonymous;
  • For Skrill payments normally no fees need to be paid;
  • The deposit / withdrawal procedure is very easy to carry out;
  • Transactions made with Skrill are very safe.

Disadvantages using Skrill

Maybe the only disadvantage of using this payment option is the registration procedure which will take some (a few minutes) of your precious time. You need to provide your personal data and banking details and you need to make sure your Skrill account is always charged with money so you can make your online payments.

Further than that we can’t discover any other disadvantage regarding paying with the service on the internet as it’s a complete safe money transaction service and widely accepted in the various Netent Casinos.

Where to pay with Skrill?

As Skrill is one of the most common used online payment services nowadays available many Netent Casinos also accept it as a deposit and withdrawal option. On the side-bar of this page you can find out which of the Netent Casinos we´ve listed in our guide actually do.

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