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Wirecard is basically a virtual debit card in the gambling of casino. Its parent company, Wirecard AG, provides a variety of online payment solutions.

For example, PayPal, Moneybookers, Giropay, and Sofort are all services provided by Wirecard AG. Wirecard AG extends to around 14,000 different merchants around the world.

Wirecard AG was founded in 1999. As of 2011, it is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Wirecard AG also includes service provided by the Wirecard Bank AG. It supports several currencies, and serves at least 30 different countries.

Wirecard is a virtual card and works like an e-wallet. However, users can also request a physical card to use at ATMs around the world. It is a member of Visa, Mastercard, and JCB International, so it can be used anywhere that they are accepted.

The account links directly to the user’s bank account for funding. It seems as if the service may only be available to certain countries, so users need to check to be sure that this service is offered in their area.

How to deposit with Wirecard

Users must visit the Wirecard website to obtain an account. Wirecard connects directly to the user’s bank account in order to transfer funds. Wirecard will verify all of the user’s information before creating the account. The online game or casino does not acquire the user’s bank information.

Wirecard will assign the user a virtual card number that includes a CVV number. Users can utitlize this number just as they would a regular credit or debit card. That means that the account can also be used for other online purchases as well. Users can also request a physical card as well.

To deposit money in an online casino, use the Mastercard option in the cashier section of the website. Enter the virtual card information just as if it were a regular credit or debit card. Then, the money will be transferred virtually instantly. The card can also be used to make withdrawals as well.

Advantages of Wirecard

Wirecard is accepted virtually anywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted, which means that gamblers can use this casino payment method at nearly any online casino. Transfers are practically instant and are protected by Wirecard’s secure system.

This system also allows online gamers and gamblers to create a separate account for their gambling and gaming, which may be beneficial for some users. It is extremely easy to use and very quick. Online casinos do not charge any fees for using Wirecard, but Wirecard may charge minimal fees, depending on the frequency and amount of transfers. It is also beneficial that Wirecard can be used to make withdraws.

Disadvantages of Wirecard

Users must connect a bank account to this casino payment method to deposit funds into it. This means that users that do not have a bank account cannot use Wirecard. It is also only offered to a limited number of countries, so users must check to be sure that it is offered in their area. However, it is offered to a great deal more countries than most online payment methods.

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