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The Ewire online e-wallet service company is based in Denmark

The Ewire online e-wallet service company is based in Denmark. More than 50 listed online casinos allow their players to avail this e-wallet solution and this company specifically provides its service to people in Scandinavian areas.

This online payment service has become popular because it is a highly secure way of transferring money when needed. Ewire is a typical e-wallet. So, using this, you can both deposit money into the casino account, and withdraw money from it too. As long as the casinos support Ewire, you can easily transfer money from one to another.

With this casino payment method, you have numerous great funding methods at your disposal.

Depositing with  Ewire

The easiest way of getting money into the Ewire account is by using debit or credit cards like Dankort, Maestro, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Visa. But, depositing money in Ewire account using the cards is not exactly free. You will be charged a specific fee, but the good news is that the fee will be lower, compared to other such e-wallet service fees. You can go through the Ewire website and find the fee structure beforehand.

Now, there are many such e-wallet solutions that do not tend to allow withdrawal of money out of the e-wallet account to one’s bank account. With Ewire, this problem does not exist.

All you will be required to do here is include the necessary bank details and your bank account number or IBAN number, and the money will be transferred, in lieu of a specific fee charged for the transaction. You have to select the amount of money you wish to withdraw and just put in correct bank account information. The results are instant.

On the other hand, if you are looking deposit money into the casino account, you have to pick the Ewire option from the Cashier or Banking option of the website of the casino and fill a requisite form. The money will reach your account soon enough. This is particularly why Ewire is a preferred method.

Ewire Pros and Cons

As an e-wallet solution, Ewire does all that every other e-wallet solution does. But, the standard of security and ease of operation provided by this payment provider is higher than most other such e-wallet service providers. Just by using a debit card or a credit card, and not any more of personal financial information, you can easily deposit money in the Ewire account.

Yet another thing that makes Ewire an amazing option is the facility of both deposits and withdrawal of money using this e-wallet. There is no more reason to go for complicated processes or different solutions for these two functions.

But Ewire has some limitations too. You cannot avail Ewire if you do not live in Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Also, being pro-security, Ewire tends to ask the members to send in documents for verification. This again, could take quite long.

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