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WebMoney - one of the most popular casino payment systems among the players in the online casino

Today WebMoney casino payment system uses more than a million people. She began her work as a convenient way to purchase goods online. Today she used in transactions, payments between business partners from different cities, to pay for goods and services and in many other cases. It's really very convenient, it is possible to save time and resolve financial issues with people from different cities or countries.

In the CIS countries, this casino payment system is very popular among online casino players. Therefore, many casino targeted to its customers from these countries are trying to give them the opportunity to use it for monetary transactions.

To learn how to open an account in WebMoney, and maintenance costs can be read on the company's website.

Implementation of monetary transactions using WebMoney payment system in online casinos is quite reliable method, since the safety is guaranteed by the payment system itself

Deposit and withdrawal of funds in the payment system WebMoney

Having an account and money on it process of replenishment of the deposit at the casino is very fast. You just need to choose the methods available to refill system WebMoney and transfer funds from your account to the casino account.

However, some casinos use other methods of replenishing the deposit, based on this system, which does not even need to have your purse in WebMoney. This "WebMoney - terminals" and "WebMoney - Card".

In the first case, you will need to find a terminal, in which the available payment in WebMoney, the benefit of such terminals today at every step, transfer the money to the casino wallet, which is listed on the casino website and send them a photo or a scanned copy of the receipt. In the second case, you need to buy WebMoney card with a fixed amount on it and enter its number at the time of replenishing the deposit online casinos. A great advantage of this payment system is that the money is transferred virtually instantaneously.

Implementation of monetary transactions using WebMoney casino payment system in online casinos is quite reliable method, since the safety is guaranteed by the payment system itself. That is dishonest casino will not be able to carry out unauthorized access to your wallet in WebMoney, but if you replenish your account by other methods described above, the risk is completely absent.

Another indisputable advantage of the WebMoney online casino is that with this payment system of the online casinos, you can withdraw money from online casinos. It is interesting that, despite the fact that in this system, payments are made almost immediately, with the withdrawal of money it may take some time, up to several days. And it's not because of WebMoney.

WebMoney popular gambling payment system has many indisputable advantages. The only drawback is that, unfortunately, not all online casinos offer the opportunity to use it for monetary transactions.

Pros WebMoney payment system

  • Availability in all domestic online casino
  • Rapid transfer of funds
  • The ability to withdraw funds

Disadvantages of the WebMoney payment system

  • It occurs not in all foreign online casino

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