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Trends of Gambling in 2020

Trends of Gambling in 2020

To keep things fresh in this industry real money casinos online have to adapt and embrace the top new technology trends that come up. Not only does this help them to better retain their current loyal clients, but it also helps them acquire new clients. These new trends range anywhere from newly added payment modes, for example, the use of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, to new gameplay advances.

What does the online casino industry in 2020 have in store? We have a few ideas…

Mobile casinos to surge ahead

The mobile casino gaming has grown in popularity over the past few years and experts are anticipating a similar trajectory for the medium in 2020.

The most online casinos offer their best casino online games through mobile-friendly or mobile-optimised platforms. Some have also branched out to create their own bespoke mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Both of these options have made mobile play super easy and convenient, and more and more players are putting mobile in the top spot as their preferred platform.

As more players choose to play on the go, casinos may see less traffic coming from desktop sources. Though this may not affect their overall performance, it may encourage casinos to invest even more heavily in their mobile product. We can look forward to more mobile-centric developments in 2020.

Will VR take off?

For Virtual Reality enthusiasts, the future looks really bright. Already, a number of manufacturers – including Sony, Samsung, Google and HTC – have thrown their hat in the ring, bringing the initial cost of a VR system down to a more accessible level.

For casino players, more affordable gear can also open the door to virtual online casino games. So far, VR seems to have stalled somewhat, with only a few casinos and casino software providers really throwing their weight behind the concept. A handful of best online casino games are available in VR format so far.

The increased affordability of headsets might just spur the industry into really taking notice of this medium and could turn it from a novelty project into a serious casino genre.

Make way for cryptocurrencies!

Bitcoin is front-and-centre in the news, cementing its reputation as the biggest name in cryptocurrency with the general public. But BTC isn’t the only cryptocurrency out there and its rising popularity is sure to shed some light on (and new interest in) the range of currencies out there.

Alt-coins like Etherium, Litecoin, and Dash are all receiving a lot of attention these days as a result of their sibling Bitcoin’s debut on the world media stage.

A handful of real money casinos accept Bitcoin as a depositing method and we think that number is sure to grow in 2020. Moreover, we can expect to see big businesses (including online casinos) branching out and beginning to explore alternative cryptocurrencies as well.

Online casino bonuses in 2020

The ubiquitous online casino bonus has been a staple of the industry for several years now, with real money casinos trying to outdo one another with bigger and best online casino bonuses with which to entice new customers.

As the industry matures, we might see new approaches to this tried-and-tested formula. We couldn’t really say what that would be but online casinos have constantly reinvented themselves and come up with novel solutions in the past so we’re sure they could put their heads together to create the next big thing in casino bonuses this year.

Fresh new games to look forward to

Game providers are constantly innovating and creating new games, and 2020 will be no exception. Whether it’s stalwarts like NetEnt and Microgaming or newly fledged studios like Yggdrasil, you can rest assured that your 2020 will include a steady stream of game launches to whet your appetite. More choices mean a better gaming experience!

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