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How to Improve the Odds of Winning at Slots

How to Improve the Odds of Winning at Slots

Just like any casino game for real money, online slot games depend on the odds which means that the outcome of the game is beyond player’s control. We’re going to talk about the odds and winning probabilities.

What is RTP?

When it comes to playing online slot games is very important that you look into how high each game's payout percentages is going to be.

RTP (Return to Player) is a term, used to describe the percentage of how much of the wagered money on an online slot game will be paid back to players, over time. The number is expressed in percentages and the higher the percentage, the more often you can win, over a longer amount of time. For example, if you make hundred €1 bets, on a slot on which the RTP is 92%, you can expect to get €92 back in wins.


Every slot machine game has its own RTP, which basically gives you the average estimation for the slot or the game in question. In other words, RTP is a theoretical statistical calculation that should not be taken completely literally, as there will always be huge random wins (like mega jackpots!) and longer lines of losses.

How Online Slots Work

Ok, to understand how slots work, the first thing you have to do is choose the appropriate one. We all know for a fact that some slots simply pay better than the others, so every player wants to focus on getting the best winning odds possible and, therefore, strives to find online slots that offer higher payouts.

These odds depend on a few things. First, the winning chances depend on the number of reels and slots symbols involved in the particular slot. Then, your winning chances have plenty to do with how many paylines you will activate while you play. Logically, games that feature more reels and lines usually carry more symbols, which means they offer better payouts and more winning combinations.

“The slots with higher win frequencies pay out in smaller sums more often; while slots with lower win frequencies pay out larger amounts, but very rarely.”

There is one catch though…. For symbol combinations that are easier to hit, the payouts will not be as rewarding, but you will hit winning combos more often. By getting rare symbol combinations, on the other hand, you will win very large payouts.

As soon as the reels stop spinning, the system calculates the mathematics behind your win or loss. Then, the prizes are instantly summed up and awarded to your balance. In some cases where Free Spins or bonus features are triggered, the reels keep on spinning through the same process.


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