The Sorts of the Slots Symbols Painted on the Reels

symbol slots

Each casino has at any rate the pop and interesting amusement. This is the slot mechanism. Those personages who frequently visit the casinos just play these machines. Nevertheless, not everyone understands how the relevant machines work and they maybe don’t understand the tokens painted on the reels. The diver’s tokens can be the multitude. Concerning the symbols on the slot mechanism, it is a diversity of varied pictures depicting a definite number of the composite leads the user to the victory. But there are certain special characters that the user should know. So what are they?

What normal tokens are depicted on the reels?

On the reels, the user can meet a variety of characters for the letters or numbers ending with gold coins and treasure chests and more. Each character has a specific meaning. The most common pictures are images of fruits. Here there are watermelons, bananas, apples, and strawberries so what the soul wants. Likewise, the widespread signs on the reels are the actable card suits. The symbols are chosen for the subject of slot mechanism. Accordingly, if the slot is relevant to Egypt, so the creators of the slot created the characters that match to its style.

For example, pictures of Egyptian gods, beetles, scarabs, the sarcophagus of Pharaoh, etc. If there is a theme of pirates, it means a personage caught the winning combinations of various marine inhabitants: jellyfish, fish, crayfish, crabs, seahorses. And among these combinations, there are the least costly and the most highly paid. However, there are the characters that have the most value. There are the tokens: Multiplier, Scatter, Wild, and Bonus.

The WILD Symbols

Do you know what a joker in the cards is? The person who understands this will be easy to understand the value of the Wild that is similar to the joker. The Wild symbols plays an important role for the players because of its opportunities. Great success for the players is the falling out of this symbol because it can double the other characters that duplicate the opportunities to win. Also remarkable is the replacement of the characters in any connection that increases the feasible for the most rapid victory. It stands as the surrogate in the distinctive kinds of the slot machine games.

Currently, there’re many sorts of Wild symbols and each character in distinctive slots may have the peculiar capabilities. The WILD can be Soaring, Random, Floating, and Multiplier. It can enlarge one position or remain in one place until the end of the game, or double the rate, or supersedes the other tokens or increase the rate in the many times.


Every gambler is happy and proud of victory some money. But what is the happiness that this quantum can be magnified in times? This peculiarity gives the multiplier token in different slots. This one symbol can increase the win, hitting in some composite with other characters. It can be seen in various slot machines and thanks to him, users magnify their winnings and are satisfied.

The SCATTER Symbol

Usually, all the characters on the reels should be in a range to compose a gaining scheme. However, there is a symbol for what this rule doesn’t fit. It’s named the Scatter. It helps to conquer the bonus game, multiply the winnings in several times and even to win the jackpot. For that, the mark may fall obliquely or in any another scheme and lead to a gaining of a number of points.

In some online slot games, the bonus game may start when falls from 3 and more Scatter Symbol simultaneously and the user can see only two characters completely. Therefore the success with that symbol must need to get on the reel in any place only a few Scatter symbols. Such slots symbols can be found in peculiar sorts of slot mechanism.

The BONUS Symbol

Every token on the reel enables the user to make the money. You need to have any conjugation of them. But encountering the bonus symbol you'll notice that its falling brings some supplementary opportunities for the users. It’ll be a bonus game, the free spins, or some another sort of bonus what is present in one or other game. That symbol may also emerge one or more times on the reels and not always a straight line. The emergence of the several bonuses on the reels means a “bonus payment”.

So playing the slot the player has a great capability to win a large sum and increase his winnings.