Million Dollar Slots

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  • by Peter Liston
  • Learn how the world's leading slot machine game play expert turned $500 into $Millions in book Million Dollar Slots. Peter Liston, otherwise known as the Slot King has done just that, turning $500 into millions over the past eighteen years.

    For the first time, Peter reveals the secrets that have turned him from a high school teacher into a globe-trotting professional gambler doing what is considered to be impossible - playing the slot machine games as a business. Share with Peter as he cracks the code to the slots, tests the theories in his local slot venues, then exploits that winning knowledge in hotels, clubs and casinos around the world. You'll can really make money playing video slot machine games!

    • Print Length: 170 pages
    • Publisher: BookPOD
    • Publication Date: November 12, 2012
    • Language: English
    • ISBN13: 978-0987272966

    The public knows very little about the highly secretive world of machine pros. A video slot machine pro plays video poker, video keno, and video line games, but only when he holds a mathematical advantage. You have to be extremely good at gambling math to exploit the situation. Liston knows the math and he gave you a glimpse into his world.

    Peter was presented with a golden opportunity in Australia and New Zealand. Mystery Progressives exist in casinos in the U.S., but they have never presented the huge profit making potential that the ones in Australia and New Zealand did.

    This is due to meter movement. Mystery Progressives in the U.S. generally have meters that run only 1% or 2%, while the ones in Australia/New Zealand run at 5% or 6%. This makes a huge difference in the amount of plays one can get, and the amount of money one can win.

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