Craps: The Ultimate Winning Strategies

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  • by Will Thomas
  • CRAPS: THE ULTIMATE WINNING STRATEGIES was brilliantly written after years of defining, analyzing, and establishing/illustrating criteria for effectiveness at the table. In its simplest form, author and expert, Will Thomas, Jr., reveals detailed strategies on: combinations/odds, basic table layout, game knowledge, money management, table survey, determining risk levels, coming-out strategy, basic strategy, ultimate strategy and knowing when to walk away.

    Will Thomas on Craps: The Ultimate Winning Strategies...

    In order to become a winner and beat the casinos at their game you have to become a student of the game. Practice, practice, and practice again my strategies for success and no longer feel intimidated by casinos. Trust me! Luck has nothing to do with winning in this game called Craps. It's how you prepare, approach and execute my winning strategies.

    Please keep in mind that most books on Craps teach you the language, rules, how to play and some strategies for losing more often than winning! Even the basic table layout is 90% camouflage and filled with losing proposition bets! My book will focus on the remaining 10% and how you can maximize your bets.

    It all started back in Dec. 1989 after exchanging Christmas presents with my co-workers before leaving for Christmas & New Year Eve shut down. My present was a book about Craps! And I never really understood how to play it.

    • Publisher: December 12th 2016 by Dog Ear Publishing
    • ISBN13: 9781457552236
    • ASIN: 145755223X

    My name is Will, and I'm a retired Marines Corps Vietnam Veterans, and I've always wonder what would it take and feels like to beat the casinos? I decided to browse through it and became fascinated with it challenges and sophisticated rules of the game.

    On November 02, 1990 I created my rst matrix spread sheet for documenting my various strategies for beating the casinos and some (24) years later on October 05, 2014 and No one's laughing now! My rst successful "Break-Through" was during the summer of 2002 with my Wife Brenda and another couple agreed to invest what little funds ($500) we had together and Try out my Craps, Ultimate Winning Strategies at The Horizon Hotel Resort and Casino in South Shore Nevada.

    I will never forget the reception we got that afternoon from one of Craps Table Of cial by asking us, what did you guys do? Did you break into the Kid's Piggy Bank? Ha, Ha, Ha, and in approximately (15) minutes into the game, they were calling me "Sir" and we were $2,500 ahead and left the casino a Winner!

    It's all about Relationship, Diversity and Con gurations between each bet! I've worked over (30) years in The Silicon Valley as a Documentation Specialist in Engineering's Support dealing with Base-Line Con guration and Traceability of various "Projects."

    I've simply transferred those skills into creating a Base-Line Con guration for Craps, The Ultimate Winning Strategies! I've learned over the year's one of the main reasons why players consistently lose more often than not to the casinos is due to lack of knowledge and experience.

    I've done all the work and now all you have to do is master my strategies for success! By learning and applying my Craps, Ultimate Winning Strategies, it will prepare you to recognize those constantly changing conditions and when to Walk Away!

    I've learned over the years that one thing is for sure is that, your numbers will come up! And the trick is knowing how and when to bet! It's all about Consistency and How Well You Prepare and Making the Right Choices to become "As Good as Any and Better than Most."

    Online Craps Real Money USA

    If you’re looking to play online craps for real money in the USA you can now play legal online craps in four states where proper online gambling licensing and regulation has been implemented:

    • New Jersey
    • Nevada
    • Delaware
    • Pennsylvania

    Most of the major land-based casinos in each of those states have now launched online casino products with software/poker partners. Some have an online craps game they offer for real money.

    If you’re of legal age and are a resident of or visitor to those states you can register a new account with any casino site and play real money online craps.

    As a licensed and regulated business with proper oversight, you are assured your money is protected and games are fair. You also have a full battery of deposit and withdrawals options to fund your online account.

    Note: There are some online casinos from outside of the United States that do offer their online casino games to US customers but we do not recommend them.

    For one, you can’t use conventional payment methods to fund your account. And for another, you have no protections or guarantees you will ever be paid out your winnings or that games are monitored and fair.

    If you want to play online craps in the USA, create an account and only play through a licensed provided in one of those states.



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