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 US Casino Payment Methods

 US Casino Payment Methods

We have taken a comprehensive look at all the various payment methods available at legal US online casinos. Below find out which sites accept what methods for deposits and withdrawals and a closer look at the pros and cons of each payment processing option. US online casinos have come a long way since launch. These days, it isn’t uncommon for a site to offer many means of funding an account, and nearly as many vehicles to withdraw funds. Players will be pleased to know that the majority of deposit methods allow for instant access to funds. Not only that, but even players without bank accounts or credit cards can get in on the action, thanks to processing methods like 7-Eleven PayNearMe (Pay With Cash) and the ability to pay with cash at casino.

How can i deposit at US online casinos?

The US online casinos provides players viable means of depositing funds safely and securely on to its site: ACH (eCheck), Credit (Debit) cards, Prepaid cards, [email protected] the Cage, Bank Transfer, Wire.

ACH (eChecks)

ACH or eChecks is the gold standard for payment processing. The upside to ACH deposits is that transactions are processed instantaneously, and once the transfer is approved, the funds will be available for immediate use on the US online casino site. Not to mention, there are no fees whatsoever associated with ACH deposits.

ACH transactions are not without their drawbacks, however slight. Notably, they are rejected from time to time. And sometimes, the site will slap a hard (and seemingly random) deposit cap on the ACH account.

Some sites will require players to verify their ACH accounts before using them for withdrawals. This typically entails scanning a voided check or downloading a recent bank statement, and shipping it over to the site. It’s a slight hassle, but the extra layer of security afforded is well worth the extra step.

Speaking of ACH withdrawals, the turnaround time is quick. From the time a payout is requested, players can expect to wait no longer than 3-5 business days for the funds to hit their bank account.

Credit & Debit Cards

MasterCard and Visa credit/debit card deposits are a convenient payment methods in casinos, if they work. The reality is that this transaction type is subject to the highest rejection rate of any we analyzed. As we’ll see, there are workarounds, but all of them task players with extra steps.

To save you the trouble, we’ve identified the following banks as known for declining Visa transactions:

  • TD Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Chase

MasterCard users will have a tough time, if their card was issued by the following banks:

  • Capital One
  • Santander

If a transaction is successful, the funds will be immediately loaded and available for use on the site. Do note that while the USA online casino site will not charge credit/debit card users any upfront fees, the issuing bank may view the transaction as a cash advance. To dodge a fee, use debit cards whenever possible.

Credit and debit cards cannot be used for withdrawals.

Pre-paid payment methods

For those who have had their credit/debit card transactions rejected, the prepaid card option (now available on most sites) is an excellent alternative. Outside of the person-to-person cashiering methods, prepaid card transactions boasted the second highest approval rate of any transaction type we analyzed — near 100 percent.

Getting up and going is a cinch (We’ve detailed the process here). Players won’t even need to acquire a physical card to make prepaid deposits and withdrawals.

They’ll probably want one, however, as the card can be used for ATM withdrawals and wherever Discover is accepted. On most sites, the physical card will automatically arrive 7-10 days after a player makes their first deposit via the prepaid card method.

Used for withdrawals, prepaid card payout requests are typically processed and delivered within a couple of business days.

7-Eleven PayNearMe (pay with cash)

For players who prefer in-person cash transactions, 7-Eleven PayNearMe is one way to go.

In order to deposit via this method, players will select the “Cash at 7-Eleven” or “Pay With Cash” method from their available cashiering options. From there, they can either print a barcode or have one sent to their mobile device.

To complete the transaction, players will have to take their barcode to a participating 7-Eleven, show it to the cashier, and fork over the amount (in cash) that they’d like to deposit.

One drawback of PayNearMe is that the maximum per transaction deposit is capped at just $500 (minimum $10). That, and players will have to leave their house to finish the transaction.

Players cannot withdraw via PayNearMe.

[email protected] the Casino Cage

Similar to PayNearMe, [email protected] the Casino Cage is a person-to-person transaction type. Yet unlike PayNearMe, this method you use to make deposits and for speedy withdrawals.

In order to load a USA online casino account via this method, players will have to physically travel to Atlantic City.

Then, they’ll visit the cage of the casino which their online casino is affiliated with.

The neat part about Cash @ the Cage is that transactions are handled swiftly. Just be advised that valid online casino details, a photo ID, and proof of address will be required before a transaction can be completed. This extra step is designed with player protection in mind.

Additionally, some sites will require that players let Customer Support know ahead of time the amount they’d wish to withdraw, along with the pickup date. This is meant to expedite the withdrawal process, and it does.

Online banking transfers

Players that have Online Bill Pay set up with their bank can make deposits using online banking transfers. This payment method is accepted by nearly every USA online casinos.

Below is a partial list of eligible banks:

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One 360
  • Chase
  • HSVC Bank USA
  • PNC
  • TD Bank
  • Wells Fargo

In order to deposit with this method, players will select the method from their preferred US online casino cashier, after which a window will open where they’ll select their bank and enter in their login credentials.

Online banking transfers can be used for deposits only. Once transactions are approved, the funds are instantaneously ported over to the casino account.

Wire transfers

With the widespread availability of ACH and other “instant” transaction types, wire transfers are a pretty unappealing transaction option. It therefore comes as no surprise, that they’re only available on a few sites.

To deposit with this method, players will have to have their bank wire the money over to the online casino’s listed bank account. On average, it will take five to seven days for the funds to clear, which is a real drag. Fees may apply.

For players who have little success depositing with more viable methods, and who would rather wait a week to gamble then to physically visit a casino.

Check by mail

Only available as a withdrawal option, the check by mail option is exactly what it sounds like — the US online casino players will mail a physical check.

This method works well for players who cannot deposit via ACH, prepaid card, or one of the third-party payment methods, as most of those US casino payment methods require players to make a qualifying deposit before withdrawing.

Drawback is that it’ll take somewhere between 7 – 21 business days (site dependent) for the check to hit player mailboxes. That’s an eternity compared to most other methods. Not to mention, checks can always get lost in the mail.

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