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 How to Cash Out Winning at an Online Casino?

 How to Cash Out Winnings at an Online Casino?

Many online casino gamblers know that feeling, where they’ve had a nice win and taken the house to the bank after a great run at blackjack, or their number hit at roulette, or maybe they hit the progressive jackpot on the video slot machines. Is a magnificent feeling that is hard to beat.

In some real money casinos, withdrawal options are slightly less than options of depositing at a casino, but don’t let that be an inconvenience. We’ll talk you through about how to withdraw winnings from an online casino and which casinos are the best for various methods cash out winning.

You have to remember is that a lot of online casinos insist on you cash out winning via the method you deposited until you clear that balance. Remember to check the withdrawal methods do casinos on your chosen casino before you sign up. We always note in our casino reviews which methods are available and it’s important to have a withdrawal method that suits you, otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

Neteller/MoneyBookers/Click2Pay/EcoCard like these are one of the easiest and most secure ways to easily safely withdraw from an online casino your money.
But for players from USA and Canada, Neteller is a difficult one because of the UIGEA and North American players are not allowed to use Neteller.

Visa: The problem with using a credit card to fund your account is that a lot of casinos don’t offer them as a casino deposit option. It can definitely be a problem when choosing what casino to play at if you want to use your Visa card. This also makes withdrawing a bit trickier as well. There are some casinos that offer this as an option though so you should be able to seek one out that offers Visa transactions.

MasterCard: Due to MasterCard restrictions on the receipt of gambling winnings, casinos are unable to credit payouts to your MasterCard. So, even though you can make deposits at online casinos on your accounts through your MasterCard at many casinos, you cannot withdraw back onto it. So, to get this, you’ll need have the money withdrawn via a wire transfer. It should be noted that there are casinos that you can withdraw onto your Mastercard, but they are few and far between and a better method of withdrawal really is a wire transfer if you have used a MasterCard to fund your account.

Wire Transfer: This method is ideal for you if you’ve funded your account with a MasterCard and don’t want the hassle of setting up an e-wallet and jumping through hoops. This means the money is sent from the casino and straight into your bank account.

Switch/Maestro/Visa Electron/ Debit Cards: Maestro is becoming a more popular method to make deposits of funding your account, especially in the UK and it’s used by more than 540 million people. So, casinos have cottoned on to this and offered this as a withdrawal method as well as simply being a deposit method.

Check: If you’d like to receive your winnings by check, most casinos offer this facility. The cheque can often take a bit of time to process, spanning anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Once processed, most will have the tracking number e-mailed to you by their support team and it is sent by courier.

There are numerous e-wallets out there that you can use and not all of them are accepted by the many online casinos out there, especially for withdrawals. It’s this reason that we advise using NETeller, Click2Pay, or MoneyBookers, simply because they are so widely accepted and you’ll have no problems withdrawing your money using them. However, if you do use other e-wallets, send a question in online сasino support regarding your e-wallet of choice and support will endeavor to answer it as soon as possible. The same applies for other withdrawal methods.

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