How to Play & to Win Real Money with Online Casino Slots

 How to Play & to Win Real Money with Casino Video Slot Machines

There is never a dull moment with slot games online. Decisions are made in split seconds, reels spin continuously and bonus rounds pop up when you least expect them. Playing video slot games you get to turn off the world for a few precious moments when you enter in virtual popular online casino games. It’s all about changing the pace of life a bit—to be engaged, to get excited, to have a good old time and earn some money.

Winning at slot games is something we all wish would come easy. How nice would it be to be able to sit down at any slot machine game in the world and watch money come pouring into your hands? Sadly enough this is never the case. There is no secret that will have slots paying you in large amounts, but there are a few tips you can use to cut back to fewer losing sessions and more winning sessions. In this article will explain how to win at slots, how slot machines really work and what you need to know to maximize your winnings.

How does the video slot machines work?

In order to win at slots you must first understand how they work. The slots that are around today are not the same as the ones your grandfather used to play. They are, however, programmed to make you think that they are the same. Today's slots are powered by microprocessors that use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of the spins. They use many tricks to take advantage of the uninformed. For example, you may notice a machine lines up more slots symbols in reels one and two but hardly completes the winning combination with reel three.

This is all programmed on purpose to give you that "almost" feeling and to keep the suspense up. You may also notice that one of the reels is often one symbol away from completing that big payout combination. This is also purposely programmed into the machine's processor to show "near misses" from time to time to give the false impression that a player is getting close to a jackpot. If you read the rest of this article you will know that a slot game is never due for a big hit, nor is it ever going to hit a good payout just because it almost hit that payout a few spins ago.

What is RNG?

RNG - random number generator. This is the mechanism inside the slot machine game computer that generates thousands of random numbers per second (in sets of 3 or 5 numbers, depending on the number of reels), and at the exact moment a player triggers a spin the RNG spits out a combination of numbers that then become the combination that the reels stop at. This means that the outcome of every spin is random. For example, if a player leaves a machine and a new player sits down and wins the jackpot, the previous player may feel bad about not staying for one last spin, but what we have to understand is that in order for the first player to have won that jackpot, he would have had to press the spin button at the very same second, exactly, to win that very same spin. If he would have pulled it one second later, the combination would have been entirely different.

This random number concept is the hardest concept for most video slot games players to grasp. It's not just about winning at the online slots, but why players will lose. Most players think if a slot has not hit a big payout in a while, then it is certainly due. This is another false assumption. Theoretically, a machine could hit a jackpot back to back, although thisoccurrence is highly unlikely.

So if the numbers are generated completely at random, then why does a machine sometimes feel hot or cold? A machine is never really hot or cold. Over the long-run, a machine will stick to its payback percentage. This is not to say that in the short-run something different may occur.

Think about flipping a coin. Fifty percent of the time it lands on heads, and the other fifty percent of the time it lands on tails. If you only flip the coin 20 times to test this, you may get skewed results. If you flipped the coin 4,000 times you would have a heads to tails ratio of about 50:50. The only catch with the slots is that the outcomes of the reels are weighted. The jackpot is much less likely to hit than any bar, any bar, any bar.

An example:

Let us say that a slot reel has 50 reel stops. Stops 1-25 are blanks, stop 26 is the jackpot symbol, stops 27-40 are cherries, stops 41-50 are bars. You have a two percent chance of getting a jackpot symbol on the given reel. So the way it all works is that there is a separate map of numbers and symbols for each reel (click here for visual example), and the random number generator is spitting out sets of three numbers between 1 and 50. Upon pressing the spin button, the three random numbers generated are 44-41-18, which would result in an outcome of bar bar blank. The outcome of a spin is totally random, but the odds of that outcome are weighted. If you would like to know more about random number generators click here.

What is payback percentage (RTP) on a video slot machines and how does it affect winning?

All online slot games have a payback percentage programmed into their processors that determine the houses edge. This percentage is a theoretical percentage and is only proven over the long-term. If a slot machine game has a 97% RTP then, over the long-term, it should payback 97% of the money it takes in. The RTP varies from slot to slot but usually is in the 90-97% range. For the most part, the higher denomination video slot machines will have higher RTP. This makes sense because the casinos want their high roller players to win more often to keep them coming back and spending money. In reference to online casinos, the payback varies depending on the software provider. Most online slot machines have a payback in the 95-97% range. As a player, you will want to find the machines with the highest payback. The only way to do this and test slot machine strategy is to play around.

How to become a consistant slots winner

In order to be a more consistent winner at slots, you must know how slots work. You must also know that the odds of hitting a jackpot are slim. With these two simple pieces of knowledge in mind, you can narrow your machine selection down to a few preferred machines that will give you the best chance of winning.

What are true multipliers and what does it have to do with winning at the slots?

After clearing your head of all the slot myths out there, you should look for machines that have modest jackpots and are true multipliers. A true multiplier machine is one that pays twice the amount in payouts for the second coin as it does for the first coin. It is best to avoid machines that penalize the player for not playing the maximum bet. If you can't find a true multiplier, look for a near-true multiplier which usually has a slightly bigger (relative) jackpot for the second coin.

The reason you want to find a true multiplier is so you can move up a denomination. By only needing to play one coin, you should be able to afford this. Moving up in coin size will benefit you since most higher denomination slot machines have higher paybacks. The reason you want to choose a machine with a modest jackpot is because the odds of hitting a 1200 coin jackpot are better than hitting a 50,000 coin jackpot. The odds on progressive slots jackpots can be pretty ridiculous when compared to a simple 3-reel slot with a low jackpot.

To better the chances of having a winning slots session, it is imperative for a player to:

  1. Know how slot machine games operate.
  2. Know which machines offer the best casino odds.
  3. Stay away from machines with lower payback. If a machine feels tight, find a different one.
  4. Quit while you are ahead.

Those 4 simple winning slot tips can be the difference between winning most of the time and losing most of the time. Quitting while you are ahead is a very important tip that too few people take seriously. Video slots machines are programmed to make money in the long haul, and if you play the same one long enough it will beat you.