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Specific Abbreviations of Blackjack at Online Casinos

Specific Abbreviations of Online Blackjack

Experienced blackjack players discuss the game with some advanced terminology. Let’s take a look at abbreviations at online blackjack casinos:

21E – naturals play even money instead of three to two
3UP – play one hand against three dealer upcards
APC – advanced counting cards in Blackjack
B – bonuses may be available
BBS (BS)Blackjack basic strategy
BCA – counting cards in Blackjack analyzer
BE – betting efficiency
BEP – break even point
BIB – blackbelt in blackjack
BTD – beat the dealer
C – coupons may be available
CC – counting card in Blackjack
COL – casino collects a fee per hand. generally above one percent
CSM – continuous shuffling machine
CTR – currency transaction report
CTS – casino tournament strategy
CW – cocktail waitress
CW – cocktail waitress
D10 – double down allowed only on ten or eleven
D8 – double on 8, 9, 10, 11, and generally soft hands
DAS – double after splits allowed
DD – double down
DE – double exposure blackjack

DOA – double down on any first two cards
ENHC – no hole card (European rules)
ES – early surrender
EV – expected value
FD – face down game shoe game
FU – face up single or double deck game
GBC – gambler’s book club
GCB – gaming control board
HA – house advantage
HSA – hit after spitting aces
LS – late surrender
LVS – Las Vegas strip
MA – multiple action blackjack
MDBJ – million dollar blackjack
NMM – no mid shoe entry and no spreading to multiple hands
NMO – no money shoe entry on request
NOBJ – if dealer has ace and ten, the hand plays as ordinary 21
NT – no text
OU – over, under. side bets that your two card total will be over or under thirteen.
PB – player banked game
PE – playing efficiency
PK – dealer manually peeks under ten valued cards
RB – red black sidebet
RC – running count
RNG – random number generator
ROR – risk of ruin
RPC – revere point count
RS# – resplit non aces to number of hands
RSA – resplit aces
SC – card used to determine shuffle point in one or two deck games
SP21 – Spanish 21 rules. all tens removed from deck
TARGET – a nonsense blackjack system
TC – true count
UR – unlimited resplits of non aces
VAR – variance, as used by mathematicians
VPvideo poker game
#Xx – number of tables available
$ – high stakes only. usually above $100
* – other special or unusual rules
¢ – low stakes only. usually below $25

Use abbreviations to elevate your game. By communicating efficiently, you can play more hands without the burden of typing every word out. Other players will recognize your knowledge and skill, giving you the necessary respect to succeed in blackjack.

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