High/Low - Counting Cards at Blackjack: Popular Strategy

High/Low - Counting Cards in Blackjack

In this article we will get to know about the most common system of counting cards in blackjack - High/Low. This system was founded by Harvey Dabner but Stenfor Wong has made a great contribution to its development apart from him. It is the simplest of all the existing ones, it cannot be called very effective and a few professional players use it.

Nevertheless, High/Low system is perfect for any beginner to understand the principle of counting cards and increase their chances of winning.

By the way, about the chances. Do not think that, even you become fluent in this system perfectly (as, indeed, in any other), you can in several times increase the sum with which you have logged into the most popular table game. We are talking about a small percentage of the total amount you can win on a regular basis.

Principle of operation High/Low system in blackjack

The operating principle of this system is based on the fact that each card in the deck assigned to one of three numerical values +1, 0 or -1. Because of this, the system is often called the "plus/minus". Maps from ten to ace is assigned a value of -1, from two to six, accordingly, one and the rest are 0. It is easy to calculate that the total amount of fifty-two cards in the deck is zero.

During the real money casino game, you add up the value of the cards that recoup and go to bump, including those cuts dealer. The higher the number, the higher the value of cards (tens and picture) that left in the shuz. It increases the chance of a good combination for you and it is suited for playing basic strategy best of all. In case, the number in the calculation rises to and above, it makes sense to raise rates. If close to the end of shoe amount is negative, it is better to reduce the bets. In the case when several players sit by the table, if possible, it is recommended to pass the course in general, until the count will not be at least neutral.

For example: Queen , Eight, Ace, Three, Jack, Ace are the hand out cards. The total amount is-3.

You should also take into account the number of cards that have not yet been drawn. After all, the value of 5 will be much stronger if left to play about fifty cards than after the first distribution. There is the concept of "true bill" for this, in which the resulting number is divided by the number of decks remaining in the shuz. If the resulting number is positive even in this case this is the most appropriate time to raise rates. It is not difficult to guess that most of this will happen closer to the end of the cards in the shoe.

Of course, the game is meant for basic blackjack strategy, with mandatory compliance with all the recommendations contained therein. If all of these rules and competent varying rates real money casino advantage in blackjack is not only disappear, but even a few percent of the proceeds for the benefit of the player.

Finally, we will point a few cases in which the expense is ineffective: First of all, this refers to online casinos, in which all cards are shuffled in every hand, so there is simply nothing to count. The dealer lays the cards in Shuz and separates shear cards more than one third of all the cards. In this case, the "true account" will rarely be positive.

The dealer at the casino has right often to bear "blind" one or more cards in a chipper. This is not very common rule, but in some establishments it is intensively practiced, especially if the player is suspected in counting cards.

Here are the basic principles of the High/Low system of counting cards in blackjack. Remember, that most casinos are not glad to see the players who have a similar approach to the game.