Top 5 Casino Gambler's Mistakes in a Game of Blackjack

Top 5 mistakes in a game of Black Jack

Without a doubt, all players make certain mistakes in any game of chance, which offer us a casino. But when it comes to blackjack, we can mark 5 major mistakes which dramatically affect the outcome of our game - and not in favor of the player, of course.

1. Play without busting

It seems strange, right? It would seem - if we do not risk and take a card with 12 or more points, we will lose less. But in reality, it is not necessary to play the only way all the time to avoid busting. It often leads to confusion both newcomers and skilled players, so do not be discouraged if you follow this rule before - just stop, finally, to do it!

Why? If you are trying to avoid busting you must stop in such hands, where the probability of busting is less than 50%, and the live casino dealer is has more chances to win. The live casino dealer must stop on a soft 17, and then, if you stop for 14 or other small arms, you will not be have any chance to win it in Blackjack.

2. Do not double the bets

Doubling in appropriate cases is very sensible strategy, and the best way to get large sums of money. Usually, beginners prefer not to double the rate because of an abundance of caution. Some casinos allow doubling only in certain combinations, but if you think that the last card will bring you a victory (for example, you hold 10 or 11) - double your bet and get paid!

3. Playing on the tables where the dealer takes up to 18 soft points

Without fail, to avoid tables for blackjack, where the dealer stands on soft 18 points! If the dealer must stand on soft 17, you get the advantage of a casino percentage is 0.02% lower than when the dealer stands on soft 18. This percentage has much low benefits for a player of course, but the secret of winning at blackjack is to reduce the casino advantage as much as possible.

4. Change good hands

Never change the good hand into two separate. It's just nonsense! This is a common mistake not only reduces your chances of winning; you also have to pay an additional wager not in your favor! A simple rule if you want to start - never separate 10 or 20 points. If you divide these cards, then you will have either too much, or you will be forced to stay in unfavorable terms for you - all this leads to a gradual loss, which you certainly do not need.

5. Counting cards in blackjack online

It is a misconception that a counting cards in blackjack can be of any help when playing in online casinos. Eventually maps in offline casinos can bring a lot of money ... But trying to count cards in an internet casino, will disappoint you. Have you ever heard about the sensor random number generator in the online casino? Did you know while playing Blackjack online casino cards are shuffled after each hand? Manipulation of counting cards in blackjack at in online casinos is simply meaningless.

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