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Using Popular Сurrency Bitcoin at Online Casino

Bitcoin and Casino News

Bitcoin (BTC) appeared and began to spread throughout the world in 2009. This digital cryptocurrency having no banks and independent from the rest of the world currencies.

The name "cryptocurrency" originated from the ancient Greek for "cryptography", ie, "hidden writing." Indeed, Bitcoin hidden from the human eye, since it is the virtual space of the Internet.

This currency is intangible, but the network transmitted from user to user. On the Internet there is a specially created network address through which holders of Bitcoin wallets pass currency to each other, buy and sell it. The system reminds email e-mail, where each has its own password - in the network Bitcoin is the secret key.

Addresses in this case - is the letters and numbers from 24 to 37 characters. All attributes Bitcoin-activity: card account, the electronic wallet - are online. To deal with cryptocurrency, you should register in the system to get the secret code, and open and her purse.

Advantages cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The presence in the system and does not require any input personal data. Bitcoin can not comprehend inflation, since it is not printed and does not have notes and coins and does not depreciate. Movement means Bitcoin can not be controlled by someone else, so they can not be frozen or take away. Bitcoin can not steal, he was not afraid of the devaluation of the financial storm. Issue limited, it is 21 million, and the number of funds has always known.

No risk no, even though the authorities of any country belong to this phenomenon is very suspicious and unknown, which bans can come up with.

With Bitcoin, you can pay for internet, telephone and a variety of services to make purchases at online stores. And lately, and large ground-based supermarkets and manufacturers have also implemented a Bitcoin in its list of payment systems.

Naturally, this is a safe and convenient currency like Bitcoin has found its place in the online casino, because there are always quoted anonymity, safety and freedom.

In addition, all kinds of payments are usually subject to the Commission by the payment system for services, and currency Bitcoin payment occurs without commissions. This fact becomes crucial when choosing a payment system online casino sites, which increase the amount for bonuses, promotions and benefits.

Bitcoin casino also feel much freer, because their funds are not controlled by banks, government agencies, other organizations or companies.

5 Reasons why Bitcoin Gambling is better

Bitcoin casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are quickly becoming the preferred choice for online gambling websites. So why change so many players to Bitcoin?

1. Speed

All players are online casino knows that sometimes you have to wait to withdraw money at stake or other purse of payments a week or more. There have been instances where players have been waiting until the month will receive their winnings. Most often it is not the fault of the casino and the bank because some banks can not undertake such a transaction. In addition, the company that pays out is a big risk. With credit cards often proimhodit fraud and security services have to apply stringent precautions stredstv withdrawal of the card.

If you use Bitcoin as a payment system, all transactions are instant.

2. Anonymity

Bitcoin gives you the option to remain completely anonymous if you play online. In contrast, you must include your name, address, credit card details and other personal information, sometimes your Social Security Number (!) to disclose if you play elsewhere. In some Bitcoin casinos, not even an e-mail address will be needed.

3. Fairness

How can you be sure that the game is fair, especially when it seems that the dealer gets the good cards? The cryptographic Bitcoin innovations have proven the concept of fairness (provably fair) was introduced, which was used for the first time Bitzino 2012 and has been adopted by all major Bitcoin casinos since then.

4. Value

The Bitcoin casinos save the credit card fees and are proven to offer fair games, which means that they do not require expensive Certificates from third parties. These savings are then passed on to the players often in the form of better rates and more generous bonus offers or placement programs.

In addition, there are the lower access restrictions, more choice and more innovative games for the casino players.

5. Transparency

The openness of the block chain affects all businesses that are built upon. Many people believe that Bitcoin will lead to a new era of transparent business operations and Bitcoin casinos are no exception.

Bitcoin is available in these casinos: Slots.Lv Casino, Bovada CasinoSlotoCash Casino, Red Star Casino, Uptown Aces casinoBodog Casino, RioBet casino, Ignition Casino

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