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What Happens in Vegas?

What Happens in Vegas - Crazy Love and Money

At first glance gambling and love is incompatible things. But in this world is possible everything. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher proved it.

In the popular romantic comedy "What Happens in Vegas", the main characters of the film accidentally won the big jackpot 3000000$ and this event forced them to live together for half a year. Forced to stay together due to an unexpected windfall, the leads feud, fight and argue constantly in an effort to get the other to violate their "union." During their time together, each of them has friends trying to make the other person look bad. For Ashton it’s Rob Corddry, for Cameron it’s Lake Bell.

In this movie you can see also a surprising amount of positive material about the nature of a real marriage and what it takes to make one work.

Ultimately, Jack and Joy discover and identify each other's admirable and loving traits. They come to the realization that they can face life's challenges much better as a married, committed couple.

Kutcher and Diaz provided enough funny moments to make the movie fairly amusing.

The plot of film is a subversion of the traditional meaning of the phrase what happens in Vegas, since instead of leaving behind their wild and crazy activities in Las Vegas, the fallout follows them home.

The film is a perfect mix of romance and humour. The film is pretty predictable to the viewer, but that doesn't make it bad. It's not a typical Hollywood flick. It may be basic with storyline and humour, but somehow it still appeals to many people.

The film left a lot of feedback. Someone really liked the movie, someone thinks that it was a waste of time to watch. Share with us your impressions in the comments.

What Happens in Vegas is a great movie for your weekend. You will have fun watching this good romantic comedy with a happy end. And those who are inspired by the film and decide to try their luck, we invite to visit the section with free no deposit bonuses at popular online casinos on our website. You can play for real money without leaving your home, taking advantage of new player welcome bonuses from the best real money casinos.

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