The Pelayos - real story about legally winning at roulette

The Pelayos - real story about legally winning at roulette

Win at real casino playing roulette is not a myth, but a reality. Gonzalo Pelayo proved to the whole world that you can win a lot of money in a casino. The movie "The Pelayos" is a true story that tells the true story of a Gonzalo Pelayo's family who discovered the way to legally win at most popular table game - roulette.

THE PELAYOS is a adventure film which shows how ingenuity can transform 'insignificant' people into people capable of bringing down powerful companies and best real money casinos. It is a film about lust for life, about taking on the world when you're 20 years old. It's the story of a group of people who find a more fun and exciting way to earn a living than they ever thought possible. They have their goal within their reach and surmounting the challenge will allow them.

The family of Gonzalo Pelayo won hundreds of thousands of dollars at casinos around the world with an infallible method based on the roulette wheel's imperfection. They broke the banks at casinos across five continents; Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Australia, Paris, Madrid, Macao. Their incredible achievements became legendary, and not only in the casino world. As well as breaking the bank, their legend broke through borders, and they were soon famous the world over.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo: Master of Roulette

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo started his career as a music and film producer, having worked with many famous musicians and actors in Spain. Eager to make more money, Gonzalo dabbled in the area of real money casino games and found his true calling.

Gonzalo is known as the first person to actually be victorious in exploiting the roulette wheel. He was certainly not the first person who thought that casino roulette wheels were bias, but he was the first person to successfully prove it.

He noticed there were minute inaccuracies with measurements regarding pocket sizes and the wheel's gears often threw off the wheel's balance. Recognizing these subtle inconsistencies brought him one step closer to beating one of the best casino game. While not placing any wagers on the spins, Gonzalo simply recorded the results of nearly one-thousand spins and used his computer for a complete analysis.

In 1991, Gonzalo and him family started officially playing and less than a year later, they had accumulated over $700,000. Because of this, many casinos in the area forbid them from playing and one casino even tried to sue the family, but Spain's Supreme Court luckily ruled in their favor.

The court didn't deem studying the wheel and using a computer to determine when to bet illegal at all. Instead, they said it was wise to make an educated guess as to where the marble might drop based on imperfections of the casino's own wheels.

Although Gonzalo was happy to hear the court overruled the charges against him, he decided to stop playing at casinos in Spain and instead headed to Las Vegas to try his methods out over there. Gonzalo and his family took precautions to blend in as tourists and ensure the same staff didn't see them at the tables too many times in a row. The family had made over $2 million from the casinos of Las Vegas before deciding to retire.

The case of Gonzalo once again proves that if you believe in yourself and go towards your goal - there is nothing that is not possible and you can achieve everything.

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