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 Growth of Bitcoin due yuan

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Risk-averse traders, which is carried out separately from the operations of the yuan, Bitcoin was pushed to a new record high.

BitFlyer, a leading Japanese trading house for the currency, said that Bitcoin has exceeded 5 December 2013, a record 127,800 yen on Wednesday afternoon, in the end, once the value of 133.600 yen. The price fell after the 2014 collapse of the leading Bitcoin Trader Mt. GOx.

Growing demand for Bitcoin is happening in China, due to the tightening of restrictions on persons who convert their assets into foreign currency. Also, the growth cryptocurrency affected demonetization in India and the recent drastic measures to transfer money abroad.

Analysts expect a strong demand for safe assets, like Bitcoin digital currency in the coming months. Traders announce Bitcoin as a "safe haven" asset, which shows its strengths as an investment tool "in the period of macroeconomic uncertainty".

Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng told Bloomberg:

"It shows that more and more people are confident in the currency. They see the benefit of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This will inevitably accelerate the growth of the whole economy".

MUFG is going to release its own virtual currency in March 2018

Japan's Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. finally has a launch date for its own digital currency.

Last year, the bank said it is planning to launch its MUFG coin-short for the bank's parent company, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group- "as early as autumn 2017." Now, Kyodo News reported that the bank will issue the virtual currency by March 2018.

The coins will be issued first to employees of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group's companies, which they use for domestic remittances. The services will be extended in the future "to attract younger tech-savvy customers," sources told the Japanese news agency.

The price of bitcoin dropped slightly to $ 1,124 early Thursday morning, with a trade volume of $ 72.41 million.

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