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 Children Skin Betting Is Legal in UK?

Children Skin Betting Is Legal in USA

There is currently a new debate springing up across the UK over something called “skin betting,” and the controversy that surrounds it is making huge headlines.

“Skin Betting” is a form of betting for young kids who play video games and are being caught with something called loot boxes.

Loot boxes are accessories that players can purchase for their characters on video games.

So, one may ask, how does this work as a form of gambling?

Well, the U.K. Gambling Commission released a statement that suggested these loot boxes were introducing betting to children at an early age, something the agency is vehemently fighting against.

There is a 2017 report that claims about 11 percent of children aged 11 to 16 and residing in the U.K. are now engaging in skin-betting events. These kids and teens exchange items, skins, and players via a third party with real money.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Just wait a minute.

The report that has been released showed a significant amount of kids and teens purchasing items via a third party. For many, that is OK. It is considered a micro-transaction, in which more value is added to a game by supplying more items and supplies to the players.

However, in this scenario, kids and teens can gamble their items in exchange for better items. The young kids and teens can enter a casino-like game area where the winners, who engage in this game, are rewarded in the form of more valuable items.

This scenario may sound a bit exaggerated. However, this is an illicit activity that is geared toward young kids. They are easily convinced to purchase and engage in acts that do not have the best of intentions in mind.

All these events lead to the fact that some children create accounts at real money casinos online for their parents and play for their parents money or play for free using free no deposit bonuses.

Boys are much more prone to engaging in this activity than girls. The problem arises because young boys are paying for these items and participating in the betting events via a third party.

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