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About Pornhub Casino

About Pornhub Casino

Pornhub has opened an online casino combining the internet's favorite things — boobs and online casino games. Players can play for both fun and keeps, and some live casino games may be dealt by your favorite porn stars.

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Pornhub Casino, an online gambling outfit that lets you ogle the dealers' breasts while you piss away your kids' college fund.

"Our users know a thing or two about having a good time online, so when an online casino company approached us with an opportunity to blend gambling with porn, we had to consider it seriously," Pornhub VP Corey Price told Huffpost via email. "We decided to take a gamble —pun intended — and go ahead with the idea."

Most of the croupiers and sexy live dealers at the casino are Costa Rican residents, though Pornhub does say that some big-name pornstars (Dani Daniels features heavily in the promotional materials) will be on-hand working the roulette and blackjack tables. Most of the online casino games are slot and video slot games, with the added twist that if you win, you're treated to a clip from an adult film. Video games are available for either funny money or the real thing.

The real draw, though, are the live casino games, which include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Texas hold'em and, yes, strip poker. That's where you can catch a friendly flash from a dealer (if you ask nicely), and see of course the whole thing in the case of strip poker. The experience is, to say the least, weird. The casino uses webcams so that everyone playing can see everyone else. This makes for a more lively game (players can create private tables for friends), but it also means no fapping at the flop.

I wasn't able to play any real money games, because any attempt to add funds to my account was met with "not yet available in your country." I'm not sure when it ever will (even internet gambling is heavily sanctioned in the U.S.), but I can see this being attractive to gamblers for reasons beyond the prospects of boobs. The live dealer is part of what makes any gambling experience more fun, so to be able to video in like that is pretty neat.

Pornohub casino perfect for people who like to indulge multiple vices at once.

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