Everything You Need to Know about Free Spins Bonuses

Everything You Need to Know about Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins are a great way to get rewarded for playing at the best online casinos as they allow you to play games for free with the chance of winning real money.  Remember if you got them, play them. Free Spins can be provided as a no deposit bonus or first deposit bonus. Free spins offer you the extra chance of winning and withdrawing real money even if you have to spin them for a certain number of times depending on the wagering requirements.

No deposit Free Spins at online casinos

You may find that certain casinos will provide you with free spins without requesting a deposit first. All you need to do is register and you can begin using your free spins to play slots. Note that any winnings made this way will have rules attached as to how you can withdraw them.

Deposit Free Spins at online casinos

In most instances, you’ll need to deposit money into your account first, to receive your spins. There is always a minimum deposit amount in this case, which should be clearly stated; you’ll need to match this to get your free spins.

Plenty of casinos also run VIP schemes that reward regular players for their loyalty. In essence, depositing and playing more frequently will result in more generous rewards. In the case of free spins, you’ll often be rewarded based on the number of loyalty points you’ve earned for that month with a number of free spins.

What are wagering requirements for Free Spins at online casino?

Even though the Free Spins are offered for free as part of a bonus or promotion you can still win real money by playing them. However, some Free Spins do come with wagering requirements.

If your Free Spins come with wagering requirements it means that you will have spin them a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Wagering requirements can go by a number of different names: turnover requirements, wagering, spin through… all it means is the amount of times you have spin through winnings before you can withdraw them. For example, maybe you get 20 Free Spins and win $30 overall. If there is a x10 wagering requirement, you have to keep playing with the $30 winnings until you’ve spun through $300. Once you’ve spun through $300, you’re able to withdraw whatever is left. It’s not as hard as it sounds, most Netent games have really high “Return to Player Percentages” meaning they pay out a lot and when spinning it’s easy to go up and down and spin through large amounts from a small starting figure.

Wagering requirements of online casino will vary from casino to casino and can go from being 0 to all the way up to x50. The lower the better! Wagering requirements only relate to these bonuses, if you lose the $30 before you hit $300 wagering, then it’s over. When you make a deposit with real cash, you don’t have to carry on trying to wager it, that’s all yours as are any winnings you get.

Some casinos do not have wagering requirements and allow you to instantly withdraw any winnings you get from Free Spins. This is incredibly rare, as you can imagine, it’s basically giving away cash, but some casinos can see past this short term loss as they know it’ll keep a player loyal in the long run. Thrills Casino for example, have no wagering requirements on Free Spins, as well as Hello Casino.

Free Spin is the chance to spin the reels on video slot games, without paying for it yourself. If you have Free Spins on a certain game, when you click ‘Spin’ nothing will be taken from your balance. Lots of online casino games include a Free Spins bonus round.

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