Slots Myths

Slots Myths

The slot machines’ results cannot be manipulated by casinos. it is forbidden. We want to acquaint you with some of the most common slots myths you can came across to over the Internet:

  • One of the most common misleading beliefs about video slot machines is that some parts of the day are better for winning against the machine than others.

This is definitely a myth and is not true. There is no program that controls the payout percentages on the games that are increased on certain times of the day.

Some “experts” say that there are some days that are better than others because the payouts are improved during convention dates or special holidays or occasions, but this is not true, either. There is no relevance between the player’s chances of winning and time of day or days of the week.

  • The location of the video slot machine in the casino determines player’s chances of winning.

That is not true, either. Some people believe that casinos keep their best slot machines grouped together. However, the “best-paying” machines are scattered around the entire gaming floor. It does not matter what the location of the video slot machine is.

  • The player can improve their chances of winning by pressing the button or pulling the handle at the right time

Though this strategy has something to do with the work of the Random Number Generator, the chances of actually increasing your odds by pressing the button at a certain time, are close to none.

  • The online casino gambler needs to play on one slot machine only all the time in order to increase their odds.

Considering the fact that generating some winnings when playing at slot machines depends primarily on fortune’s favor, there is no relevance which machine the player chooses and how long they stay there. The odds of hitting a certain jackpot are not increased accordingly to the time spent on a certain machine.

  • When playing at a land-based slots machine, the player is more likely to generate a winning combination when pulling a lever instead of pushing a spin button.

This is also a myth. The gameplay is most probably going to be slowed down, but the player’s chances of winning will not increase. The type of slot machine chosen has nothing to do with generating winnings, actually.

  • Using a slots club card usually decreases player’s chances of making a winning combination.

The common theory is that most casinos are striving to make players win less in order to compensate for the benefits that players receive from playing with their club cards. The truth is that the amount of money returned is actually negligible from casinos’ point of view. Not to mention the fact that the Random Number Generator program cannot be changed through the casino’s software.

  • Player’s chances of winning cannot be improved.

This may seems drastically opposed to some previous pieces of advice given in our slots guide, but it is not. There are still some aspects that can be controlled by the player. After all, it is them who make a choice which types of slots games to play. Considering the fact that some slot machine games provide better odds than others, players are fully capable of improving their chances of winning.

For example, players are given better odds of winning when choosing a game with a fixed jackpot instead of one with a progressive jackpot. Higher denominations offered in a game always provide players with better chances than others. In addition, the games that have a lot of video bonuses, additional extras, etc. usually pay less than the games that are considered simpler.

  • The temperature of the coins inserted in the machine matters.

The truth is that there is only a small number of people, who actually use coins nowadays. And even more people did, the temperature of the coin could not improve their chances of winning in any way.

  • Players must change machines after a massive jackpot is hit.

Some players believe that it is better to move to another machine after a big winning generated on a certain slot. However, large payouts do not necessarily mean that the machine is to “turn cold”. The chances of hitting the same jackpot once again on the very next spin, are exactly the same as they were the first spin.

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