Choosing Line Number and Multiplayer at Online Slots

Choosing Line Number and Multiplayer at Slots

The slot machine game industry has gone a long way to reach its current status. The one-armed bandits went from handing out cigars and gum as rewards to multi-million winnings and with introduction of progressive jackpots the temptation reached record highs.

There is one golden rule to follow when choosing to play a slot machine – do not play a game in case you are not familiar with the rules. So, no matter how easy video slot games seem be played at, it is important to know the rules first.

Every player should carefully consider the options provided and make a strategy before playing a certain video slot machine. However, in order to make a strategy, you need to first be familiar with the rules of the game.

Always start with checking the amount to play, which depends on the type of the machine (a classic single-line one or a multi-line one).

Single-line slot machines

Before learning the rules, a player needs to understand the payouts first. When it comes to single-line machines, payouts are usually displayed at the top of the machine. Players need to also have in mind that such machines usually play a maximum of 5 credits.

In addition, most of the single-line machines offer the bigger payout on the jackpot in case that the player place the maximum wager. There could also be different payouts depending on the coins played. There are also machines that pay only certain winning combinations out, so you need to know what kind of machine you are dealing with.

The only thing players need to decide when playing at a single-line machine is how many credits to play. There are machines that offer a great variety of credits and denominations. When it comes to playing at a land-based casino, the single-line slot machines are usually mechanical slot machines, which are considered the ones with better return due to the fewer stops. Still, such machines are also regarded as much more boring, which is why they are not so popular.

It is a good idea to start your playing session on a single-line machine, and more specifically on two-credit machines.

Multi-line Slot Machine Games

When choosing to play on a multi-line machine, the player needs to first check the number of lines offered. There are some machines that provide a bonus game only in case that the player bets on the maximum number of lines.

There is a certain class of machines, which is called Cashman. The Bonus game appears only if players play on the maximum number of lines. Of course, players are provided with the opportunity to bet on whatever number of lines they want, but the fewer numbers they pick, the more they reduce the multiplier. Still, players need to take their time and understand how the game works before they start playing, because every machine is different.

Of course, there are some multi-line machines that do not allow to players to pick the number of lines played. Such machines are called maxi-line machines. Usually, they allow players to only choose the multiplier.

Players should always pay attention to how many lines they play and if there are some limitations regarding the number of lines. They should also bear in mind that the new multi-game machines are also multi-play machines, where up to four games can be played at a time. Still, there are some limitations, because players are not allowed to play a x2 or x3 multiplier unless the maximum of four games is played first.

Many players and experts believe that new maxi-line machines are decreasing players’ chances of winning, because basically the fewer choices are granted by casino to the players, the less control the latter have on their gameplay. A good strategy in such cases is to play a larger multiplier, and respectively, a larger bet, in order to cover your wager if playing on a maxi-line slot machine.

A good idea is to also choose the machine with the higher winner paid window in case that there are several identical machines in a casino. The winner paid window can be located anywhere on the machine, so be careful.

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