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 Win € 1,000 in Blackjack Golden Aces Reloaded at Jackpot Paradise Casino

Blackjack Golden Aces Reloaded at Jackpot Paradise Casino

Extreme Gaming’s glittering Golden Aces Blackjack Reloaded at Jackpot Paradise Casino challenge boasts new features and bigger prizes, making the world’s top Live Casino card game even more thrilling!

From October 23- 27, play at the 5 Euro table or the VIP 25 Euro table: get 10 points for every Ace and 15 points for a Blackjack hand at real money casino Jackpot Paradise.

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5 best online casino players will scoop serious cash prizes:

  • 1st place: €1,000
  • 2nd place: €700
  • 3rd place: €500
  • 4th place: €200
  • 5th place: €100

Terms & Conditions of Jackpot Paradise Casino

The promotion starts on October 23rd, 2017 at 0:00 GMT and ends on October 27th, 2017 at 23:59 GMT/16:59 PST/ 09:59 (October 28th) AEST.

The promotion is only available at our Extreme Live Casino “Golden Aces Blackjack” & “VIP Golden Aces Blackjack” tables.

Get 10 points on the Leaderboard when hitting a promotional Golden Ace on the participating tables.

Get 15 extra bonus points on the Leaderboard when getting a blackjack (blackjack hand is an opening deal of an ace with any ten-point card) with a promotional Golden Ace on the participating tables.

The Leaderboard updates in real time, players can keep track of their position in the promotion.

Prizes will be determined according to the finishing position of a player in the Blackjack Golden Aces Leaderboard once the promotional period has ended.

If the dealer gets a Golden Ace no points are awarded and the game runs as normal.

Players who are betting behind during this promotion will not be eligible for points.

Only real cash wagering qualifies for this promotion.

Cash prizes will be paid out by November 2nd, 2017.

The promotion online casino game is available on desktop, mobile & tablet.

Don't miss out on all big win rewards that could be yours at Jackpot Paradise Casino.

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