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 First €1 Million Jackpot at Rizk Casino is Won

First 1 Million Jackpot at Rizk Casino is Won

Rizk Casino's gambler won €1 million jackpot. First €1 million in this online casino's history.

The lucky punter of Sweden bet of €2 on the reels of the popular online slot game Cleopatra Mega Jackpots and won €1 million jackpot.

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The punter was fairly new to Rizk Casino and had only created his account in July. He also preferred to play Gonzo's Quest, but it seems Lady Luck had a different game in mind for this punter.

“Yeah, I saw some fireworks and so on and I saw the amount €1 million and the game stopped, but the only thing I was thinking was ‘that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me’ and ‘that the jackpot must’ve been won by somebody else,’ so I just muted the game and kept playing,” said the 45-year-old customer.

After seeing one of Rizk's exciting television ads in July, he created a new account which led to this fantastic big win!

The punter is also a big fan of the Wheel of Rizk and Rizk Races as each of these fun features can lead to new ways to win bonuses and free spins.

“I really like the Wheel of Rizk and the Rizk Races because it feels like there’s always something extra involved. So what keeps me coming back to Rizk Casino? Well, even now that I’m a jackpot winner I will come back for more Wheel of Rizks and Rizk Races,” he said.

“So far I’ve only told two of my work colleagues and two family members that I’ve won a Rizk Casino jackpot and that I’m now a millionaire. As far as plans go, I’m going to do some renovations to my apartment and I’m probably going on a trip to Australia,” said the Rizk Casino winner.

If you want to be the next punter to take home a huge win - play best online casino games at real money casino Rizk.

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