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 Top 10 Casino Superstitions

Top 10 Casino Superstitions

Superstition is an age-old and worldwide phenomenon. Luck and skills go hand in hand when it comes to gambling of casino. Consequently, a lot of players attach great importance to superstitions. From the lucky rabbit’s foot to certain rituals: what are the most common superstitions that prevail in the world of gambling?

Bad luck in love, good luck in game?

Superstitions are as old as time itself. In fact, according to the Study of Public Opinion Research Center, a whopping 54 percent of adults have at least one superstitious belief. In casinos, that number is even higher. Apparently, there are a lot of tricks players tend to use to try and get luck on their side.

We have compiled a top 10 of things and rituals that are believed to bring you either good or bad luck. We bet at least one of them will sound familiar to you!

Things believed to bring misfortune:

  • playing at a new table
  • the number 13
  • rotating your chair while playing
  • lending money to another player
  • whistling while playing

Things believed to bring good luck:

  • always betting on your lucky number
  • carrying a rabbit’s foot or some other lucky charm
  • swearing against the roulette ball
  • wearing a lucky outfit or a lucky piece of clothing
  • leaving the table makes you lucky at the slot machine games
  • Superstitions in other cultures
  • Superstitious beliefs vary across different countries. The Chinese, for example, are firmly convinced that red brings good luck, while some Americans refuse to be paid in $50 notes. Why, you ask? Well, according to an urban legend, when mobsters murder someone they put a $50 bill in the victim’s pocket.

Sometimes, superstitions are taken extremely seriously. For instance, the MGM Casino in Las Vegas was forced to change its entrance because of its Chinese visitors’ superstitious beliefs. The entrance was built in the form of a lion, so visitors seemingly walked into a lion’s mouth. Chinese visitors believed this to be bad feng shui, as the Chinese attach great importance to symbolism, therefore associating the entrance with literally being eaten by a lion. The MGM changed its entrance accordingly and Chinese customers can now enter the casino with peace of mind.