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Wild Play SuperBet - New Game by Golden Nugget and NextGen

Wild Play SuperBet New Game by Golden Nugget and NextGen

The new online slot game is going to be dubbed 'Wild Play SuperBet, and will be the newest title in the SuperBet series of slot machine games. The game is launched to on July 19th, and will remain on offer exclusively at the Golden Nugget's New Jersey online betting site for the next year.

Speaking about the deal NextGen Chief Commercial Officer David Johnson said, "NextGen are delighted to launch our first co-developed and New Jersey market exclusive title with Golden Nugget. Working in partnership from the initial stages of game design provided NextGen with insight directly from local players."

"The knowledge shared during the development of the game has proven beneficial for both parties, whilst enhancing the SuperBet innovation further will prove attractive to players and operators alike."

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