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 Mobile Progressive Jackpot Wins on the Mobile Online Casinos

Mobile Progressive Jackpot Wins on the Mobile Online Casinos

Best progressive jackpot slots offer players the chance to win a truly life-changing sum of money from a single spin. Without wagering your life away on a shrewd punt or risking it all on a hand of poker, players have the opportunity to win millions off a small wager on a single spin of online slot games. Progressive slots that have been adapted for mobile gameplay offer the same chance but while on-the-go. The more players win using their phones and tablets.

Researchers from the US-based firm "dscout" published a study in 2016, titled Putting a Finger on Our Phone Obsession - Mobile Touches: A Study on Humans and Their Tech, which revealed the average person touches their phone 2,600+ times in a single day. That equates to over 1.12 million times a year we touch our phones on average.

With those shocking numbers expected to gradually increase as mobile technology continues its boom, it should come as no surprise the number of massive progressive jackpot wins on mobile devices is on the rise as well. It would make sense that if everyone is using their mobile casino devices more and more, especially to gamble online, the chances of landing a unthinkable jackpot on-the-go sky-rocket!

The need for a quality mobile presence as a top online gambling website emerged years ago when mobile devices began their rise to prominence. The world's biggest online gambling sites were forced to develop mobile access for their digital products so players could enjoy the complete online betting experience while on-the-go.

Next came dedicated mobile applications for players to download directly to their mobile device for instant access to the casinos' full suites of mobile-friendly games. But the trend towards mobile gambling hasn't stopped there; some of the latest casinos to hit the web are calling themselves "mobile-first", developing their sites for mobile casino devices, ignoring desktop-friendly features.

The world record for largest mobile jackpot ever won sits at a whopping £8 million, set in April of this year. The player was enjoying the "millionaire-maker" - or so it is called - Mega Moolah slot game. Mega Moolah, the top progressive slot from Microgaming, has crowned a wealth of millionaires including the a few different record setters. Its adaptation to mobile devices has allowed for players to enjoy the game from anywhere, only upping the jackpot pool.

Now, the record for progressive jackpot win on a browser [£17 million] is still more than double the current record for a mobile jackpot win but the fact that there is competition is something an online gambler might not have even considered a few years ago prior to the mobile gambling boom.

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