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Win £5000 in Cash Prizes at Bgo Casino!

Win 5000 in Cash Prizes at Bgo Casino

The Boss at Bgo Casino wants to reward anyone else who plays in online casino with real money! You can play online casino games and win your share of the £5000 pool prize during The Boss’s Top 5 Giveaway right now at Bgo Casino!

How to play at Bgo Casino

If you want to get your hands on a cash prize, you’ll need to follow the steps below and play your way to a big win until the 14th of May 2017.

Sign up at bgo Casino, claim your big welcome bonus, and join in on the £5000 giveaway fun. Play one of the qualifying Top 5 slots, wager at least £10, and earn 1 ticket into the draw every time you do so. The Top 5 slots include Big Bad Wolf, Wild Chase, Phoenix Sun, Crystal Queen, and Sevens High.

Keep playing these awesome casino games as you can earn an unlimited number of prize draw tickets throughout the promotion!

Visit your bgo Casino account and discover how many tickets you have waiting to make you a winner.

The prize draw will be held on the 15th of May 2017 and your name could be drawn as a winner!

Cash prizes at Bgo Casino

Once the draw takes place, more than 100 very lucky bgo Casino customers will receive a share of the £5000 prize pool.

1x £1000
2x £500
3x £250
5x £100
10x £50
20x £20
85x £10

Your casino deposit bonus cash will be valid for 7 days so be sure not to miss out on your chance to make the most of your cash prize.

Sign up and be a winner at Bgo Casino today!

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