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 €8 Million Jackpot Win in Mega Moolah

 €8 Million Jackpot Win in Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one the popular progressive online slot machines that continues to award players with massive jackpot wins. Earlier this week, the jackpot was hit yet again and produced a €8 million payday, the largest ever mobile payout to ever be awarded!

On Tuesday, April 25th, Mega Moolah’s jackpot was hit by a Tipico gamer who was enjoying the slot game via mobile casino. This win takes place a little over a month from when a €6.6 million jackpot prize was won in March. The total amount won came to €8,012,153.35, which is much higher than the previous record-setting mobile jackpot of €7,968,311.26, which was earned via Microgaming in August of last year.

With the €8 million win, the player will receive a lump sum, as all progressive jackpots earned via the Microgaming network are awarded in one payment rather than annuities.

Chief Commercial Officer for Tipico, Marlon Van Der Goes, commented on the new win by stating that Tipico is delighted that one of their players won the jackpot with a stake of just EUR6.25. The win was the biggest in the history of the online casino and was the biggest mobile jackpot payout to ever take place. According to the CCO, the Mega Moolah games are very popular at Tipico and the jackpot win is a great success story for the online casino offer.

Microgaming Games Publisher, David Reynolds, commented as well, stating that it’s incredible when you look at how much the jackpot grew from one month to the next. According to Reynolds, the jackpot was at 4.3 million on March 21st, to 8 million on April 25th.

The progressive jackpot network of Microgaming has been able to pay out over €716 million to date, showing why Microgaming is the biggest network in the industry.

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