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 Adelson Donates Million to President of USA Donald Trump's Inauguration

 Adelson Donates  Million to President of USA Donald Trump's Inauguration

The Federal Election Commission showed Adelson had donated the huge amount for the party to President of USA Donald Trump's Inauguration fund. His $5 million made up about 5% of the total $107 million raised for the parties. This large gift comes after Adelson and his wife donated more than $11.2 million to the Trump campaign, and an additional $20 million to Republican candidates last year.

Adelson has long held the opinion that online gambling should be made illegal, and he has made false claims that it is easy for underage gamblers to play, and the money from the sites goes to fund terrorists. He has stated that he'll do whatever he can and spend as much as he can in order to get the activity outlawed.

He favored the Restoration of America's Wire Act bill that was introduced a few years back that would have reversed a 2011
Department of Justice opinion that the Wire Act of 1961 does not apply to online gambling. This would effectively ban online gambling until a time when it could be "debated" in Congress.

Some people wonder if there will be implications for a federal ban on internet gambling of casino.

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