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Online Casino Bwin Launches NYX OGS Platform

Online Casino Bwin Launches NYX OGS Platform

The online casino Bwin has launched a software update featuring NYX's Open Gaming System, giving the popular gambling site an upgrade related to online casino games.

The Bwin's content being expanded with an array of games such as online slots games, table games, video poker machines, and more. Bwin is a global leader in online betting, as it holds licenses in more than 18 countries. The group is known for their sportsbetting and other gaming products.

Speaking about the deal NYX Chief Commercial Officer David Flynn said, "GVC are a true leader in the gaming industry and their strategy for growth and business development is impressive.

This partnership is extremely important to NYX, representing a firm endorsement of NYX OGS and emphasizing the vital role it plays for the industry's most successful operators around the world. It also reaffirms NYX's commitment to building our partnerships and maximizing the relationships across a number of different areas to deliver optimum value to our clients."

GVC Holdings Chief Product Officer Liron Snir also commented, noting: "This is another big step towards our objective to build the best casino in the market. NYX are a premium casino software developer and we are thrilled to be able to offer their highly popular games to our players."

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