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New Zealand Man Lost His Name to Poker

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It has to be one of the most absurd wagers of all time. After losing a bet from gambling game, a New Zealand man changed his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.

His new moniker falls one character short of New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs' 100 character maximum limit.

A friend of the 22-year-old, from Normanby, Dunedin, posted what appears to be a copy of the official name change document on an online body building forum.
He wrote:

"My friend lost a bet 8 years ago and changed his name."

Lost His Name to Poker

Mr Frostnova altered his name 8 years ago but only leaned that it had been accepted recently after his passport expired.

Department of Internal Affairs Births Deaths and Marriages spokesman Michael Mead confirmed on Monday that the name was registered in March 2010, according to The New Zealand Herald.

Mead said the long name met naming rule requirements and as the required form was completed correctly and the fee paid, the name was changed without a problem.

But if he is unhappy with his new moniker, Mr Frostnova can change it again either back to his original name or something else, at anytime by completing a form and paying a $127 fee. The process will take around eight days.

Birth Deaths and Marriages rules state that new names must consist of one surname, and one or more other names.

If religious, cultural traditions or philosophical beliefs require the applicant to have only one name, a letter of explanation must be provided. The rules also state names can be rejected if they are offensive, too long, or without adequate justification include, resemble an official title or rank or include numbers or symbols cannot be included.

Recently rejected names include King, Princess, Majesty, Knight, Justice, Anal, Mafia No Fear, Lucifer, V8, 89.

In 2007, a New Zealand couple tried naming their child 4Real Superman. The name was rejected because it included a digit. After dropping it they name the child Superman.

Сonclude: better play for money in a real money casino and no case to enter into a risky wagers.

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