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Live Casino Games of Evolution Gaming in Mexico

Live Casino Games of Evolution Gaming in Mexico

Codere has recently launched a .mx gambling website and will now be able to diversify its iGaming offering with Evolution Gaming’s content. Aside from online operations, the Spanish operator also runs gambling casino halls across the country.

Aside from its Mexican market, the company also operates in Italy.

Mexico has turned into a popular destination for international gambling operators and service providers. It has been spotted by companies as a good place to set their regional offices in at a time when more and more Latin American countries look at the regulation of online gambling.

Mexico itself is in a process of regulating its gambling market, although the process has been taking a bit too long. The country’s lower Senate house passed in late 2014 a bill that called for the regulation of gambling services, online gaming included. It then looked as if the regulatory process would be completed in no time. More than two years later, a decisive vote on the matter is yet to take place. And according to industry insiders that final vote may be postponed to 2018.

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