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How Many US States Have Casinos?

How Many US States Have Casinos

The United States of America is a large country and American love their entertainment from gaming, amusement parks, night clubs to anything that strongly holds the attention of an audience. A plethora of folk’s head to their favorite search engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo or Facebook and ask the question ‘how many states have casinos’?

The Play Slots 4 Real Money rankings, ratings, reviews and gambling news website is going to shed some light for some of the folks reading this article.

39 states have land casino gambling establishments

The answer to the question is 39 states have land casino gambling establishments or some sort. This has been a drastic increase since 1988 where besides Las Vegas Nevada and Atlantic City New Jersey only a few states like Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts had at least one brick and mortar casino.

What state has the most casinos?

In the article local casinos are a loosing bet, explains how several of the top real money casino gambling establishments in the United States have been loosing revenue over the years to real money mobile casinos that accept American gamblers.

Nevada Has The Most Casinos but Oklahoma Has The 2nd Most Amount Of Gambling Palaces With 114 Native American Betting Parlors

This is very different from Macau China where real money casino gambling, sports betting, the lottery and horse racing has been legal since the 1850’s. Gambling in Asia is less taboo than playing a slot machine for real money in the United States of America.

SGA gambling casino GDP

Nevertheless when the Internet was established in the early 1990’s people living in the United States of America could hop on the net and play online slots for real money easily without having to plan a vacation or head down to their local casino gambling establishment. This has taken a toll on the their revenue over the years to the point where in 2014 Northern Mississippi’s largest casino closed and unfortunately it was not the last to close.

Tunica Mississippi has become notorious over the years for their casino gambling palaces like Harrah’s, which unfortunately closed. Many people felt it was the ultimate place for entertainment featuring 3 different pools, a shooting range, a golf course and a real money casino. Check out our white board video below.

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