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New Baccarat Champion in Maryland Casino Live! Won $ 500,000

New baccarat champion in Maryland Live won $ 500,000

At the USA Casino in Maryland Live! has a new baccarat champion. Son L. took the grand prize out of a $500,000, beating out Runner-Up, Hui C. who landed a hundred grand in the competition.

According to theLive! online casino the balance of the prizes were handed out in promotional chips with third place raking in 50 grand in free chips and the ninth place winner getting $2,000 in free play.

Real money casino Live! is located in Hanover, Maryland, about 50 miles from the new MGM National Harbor across the Potomac river from the nation’s capitol. Rated players have seen an increase in promotional activity from the David Cordish-owned casino as they ramp up the competition and redefine their niche in a new landscape. MGM, the number two casino operator in the world, has used their formidable reputation to draw players from around the globe.


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