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Who Plays at the Online Casino in Canada and Why

Who Plays at the Online Casino in Canada and Why

Gambling at a secure online casino in Canada has skyrocketed in popularity. We take a look at the player demographics, what games are played more frequently than others and why All Jackpots online casino is the venue of choice.

Canadians between the ages of 35 and 50 years are the most avid gamblers online. Men make up almost 80% of the total demographic. More than 75% of internet-based casino, poker and bingo players hail from New Foundland, whereas only 7% of folk in Nova Scotia have ever gambled on the internet.

There’s an estimated 2,000 international and provincial online gambling sites available to Canadians. On average, men in Canada prefer to play games of skill, whereas women opt for luck-based games such as slots, keno, bingo and scratchcards.

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Online gamblers in Canada are typically employed, educated and married and have an average household income of C$74,600. According to a recent Ipsos survey, 38% of all Canadians, male and female, play poker online, whereas 26% gamble on slots or bingo and 23% play online and live dealer table games.

All Jackpots online casino offers more than 600 casino games across all the popular genres. In addition, live dealer table games are streamed in real-time to the players’ PCs. Canada is and always has been a gambling nation. Regulated betting on the horses and sports is widespread. Land based casinos are popular multi-entertainment venues liberally scattered across all the provinces.

The introduction of remote international and provincial casino, poker and bingo sites has, however, been a game changer. Gamblers in the True Frozen North can sign up for an eclectic array of live and online games without having to venture out of doors.

This ease of access to licensed, regulated and certified fair remote gambling platforms – All Jackpots online casino, as an example – is estimated to generate a whopping C$1 billion dollars in annual revenue. Interestingly enough, it is predominately middle aged – college educated and married male Canadians who are driving this growth. The younger generation appear to be transfixed by the multi-level game play and in-game purchases of X-box and Playstation-enabled video games!

Break down the demographics province-by-province and the residents of Newfoundland claim the prize as kings of the online casino in Canada. On the other side of scale, the percentage of players participating in online gambling activities in Nova Scotia is in the single figures!

The battle of the sexes is no more evident than the male versus female choice of online casino games. The guys clearly prefer a more cerebral skill-based gambling experience, as the vast majority make directly for the virtual tables at their favourite Canadian online casino.

The fairer sex relies more on luck driven games, opting to play slots, bingo, keno or scratch cards. Once they reach their golden years, life experience spurs them on to the more strategically-powered genres of poker, baccarat and blackjack – classic games that can be found in an exhaustive array of compelling variations at All Jackpots online casino!

On average and across both sexes, more players opt to play online poker over and above any other genre. At All Jackpots, there’s a wide choice of conventional poker games that vary from Triple Poker Hold’em Poker and single-hand and multi-hand 3-Card Poker Gold to Poker Pursuit and High Speed Poker. Moreover, there are countless video poker variations offering bonus pay outs and lucrative top wins!

Thereafter, it’s slots and bingo that grab the limelight. At All Jackpots online casino there’s a choice of more than 500 slots games and a smattering of exciting bingo variations developed by the Microgaming software brand. New titles are available on a month to month basis and winnings vary from a few dollars to multi-million dollar progressive jackpots.

To complement the comprehensive games menu, All Jackpots online casino has attractive recurring bonuses, regular promotions and a loyalty club that delivers systematically more valuable player rewards. These incentives, together with the enhanced site security, an eclectic choice of Canada-friendly banking methods and the trusted eCogra fair gaming seal of approval, have prompted Canadians to sign up in vast numbers!

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