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What is the BOSS'S LOYALTY STORE? It’s way of rewarding your play in the Bgo internet casino. This is another addition to the huge range of bonuses offered by the casino Bgo. The scheme of loyalty of the Bgo casino has always been impressive, but loyalty store gives one more incentive for players.

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Each time playing games for real cash, you get rewarded with stars. To reach a certain level and unlock items in the store You must to collect quite a few stars. Then you can exchange stars for the goods in the store.

Playing any game at the casino site Bgo (except bingo), you can earn the stars. The Stars are earning at a different rate, it all depends on what games you play.

The slot machine games with the bets on the sum of £10, you get one star.
In the Scratch Cards with the bets on the sum of £10, you will receive one star, too.
In the Blackjack & Casino Games with the  bets of £10 - 0.1.
In the Roulette with the same bets of sum £10, you get one-tenth of the star.

Stars points are awarded on the condition that you only bet with real money. Bets placed with casino bonus money do not count.

Stars are credited to your account the next day at 5 am.

The Stars can also help you climb the six floors of the Bgo Hotel to unlock even more benefits, which include priority support and faster withdrawal times.

How to unlock levels Boss's Loyalty Store?

Your level is determined by how many stars you earn in a calendar month.

On the 1st day of each calendar month, of Bgo casino begin to track how many stars you earn.

Once you have collected a sufficient number of stars, your new level will be unlocked for 72 hours.

The purpose of this action to achieve each level as follows:

  • Level G - Lobby - 0 stars
  • Level 1 - Executive Room - 50 stars
  • Level 2 - Premier Room - 150 stars
  • Level 3 - Junior Suite - 400 stars
  • Level 4 - Executive Suite - 1,000 stars
  • Level P - The Penthouse - 5,000 stars

To keep your loyalty level, You must each calendar month to earn the same number of stars.

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As you progress through the levels Bgo casino loyalty programs, loyalty store items you can buy cheaper, and you can also unlock new items that are available for purchase with your stars.

More detailed information you will get on the official website at the customer support Bgo casino.

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