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 How to Win More Money in Blackjack at Live Casino

How to Win More Money in Blackjack at Live Casino

If you love the challenges that most popular table games have to offer, then you are probably a big fan of card game blackjack. Blackjack is increasingly popular among online casino players. The ability to play against live dealers adds a new level of excitement to one’s gameplay.

Online blackjack vs blackjack at live casino

Playing blackjack at live casino is a different experience overall to playing the more traditional online blackjack which uses a Random Number General to deal out cards. Although it is not quite the same as sitting at a table at a land-based casino, live blackjack is by far more engaging that the normal card game version. This is partly due to the fact that players feel more involved overall and thus it leans towards providing the same thrills as if you were at a casino.

There are quite a few benefits to playing live blackjack with only a few cons. For starters, there is no need to download any software to play the live dealer version so you can start playing instantly. Then there is the matter of trust.

When playing the casino games with live dealer, you know that the casino is banishing any elements of doubt or suspicions. You can clearly see the dealers turning over the cards from the pack, so you know the game is genuine. Additionally, some online casinos also have a TV streaming live news to reassure punters that the game has not been pre-recorded.

Another big plus is the social aspect of a live game. When you are sitting at a live table, you can chat with the dealers or other players. This increases your level of enjoyment and helps bring the experience closer to the real-life version.

You can also use more blackjack strategies. Since blackjack is considered to be a beatable game, some techniques and strategies cannot be used in an online blackjack since the RNG does not work in the same way as a physical deck of cards. This increases your chances of winning twofold as you can an advantage over the house.

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