How Does Video Slot Machine Work at Real Money Casino?

How Does a Video Slot Machine Work?

The modern slot machine games are “smart” – they select the result that is to be displayed on the reels or the video screen the moment the player touches the start button. The machine chooses a random number for each reel and stops it at a particular time.

There is a Random Number Generator (RNG) inside the online slot machine game, which creates thousands of random numbers, so that at the same moment when the player hits the start button, one number is selected for each reel. If we have to put this in other words, the player’s chances of winning a prize are predetermined the moment they press the machine’s button.

No one is able to predict the outcome of the Slot machine’s spin. That is why it is said that players have equal chances of losing multiple consecutive spins or winning a jackpot several times in a row. There is absolutely no way of predicting whether you will be lucky or not.

Here are several principles the players should be aware of before starting to play a slot machine game:

  • The previous spins of a slot machine game have nothing to do with the future ones
  • The machine’s short term actions are not bound to the long term results of the players.

Beating the video slot game by hitting the jackpot does not necessarily mean you will lose right after that. It does not mean that you will win again, either.
A Slot machine does not have a “memory” of the jackpots it has already paid. It continues producing random numbers, which determine if the player is going to win or lose.

Every spin of the machine is absolutely random and cannot be predicted in any way.

All Slot machines give you equal chances of winning or losing, there is no connection with previous payouts made by a certain video slot machine. And in this sense, if another player wins a jackpot after you, this is mere luck and has nothing to do with the fact what your luck was right before that.

The concept that the longer you play at the slot machine game, the bigger your chances of winning are is completely wrong. The time spent by a certain player at the machine is not connected with larger chances of hitting the jackpot. It also makes absolutely no difference which machine you are playing.

The way you push the button is not related to the outcome of the spin. As we have already mentioned, pushing the machine’s button is the moment when the random numbers are chosen. However, the player cannot know the exact moment when the jackpot is determined by the Random Number Generator.

The payouts can be changed only if the casino replaces the computer chip in the motherboard with a new one. This is not impossible, but such a process requires many time and expenses, which is why it is highly unlikely to be done.

The Random Number Generator operates continuously, running through dozens of numbers and number combinations within a second. Then, the player just needs to press the button in order to make the selected combination “pop up”.

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