How to Play Online Slot Tournaments at Online Casino

How to Play Slots Tournaments

Many online casinos holds slot tournaments. These online multiplayer competitions are so popular that gambling websites like EnergyCasino made them one of the focal points of their offer.

Tournaments pay hundred of thousands in prizes every week. It's are real multiplayer competitions that players from different locations access by paying an entry fee.

It is important to know that the buy-in is the only fee you need to pay to play in a tournament because this kind of competition does not allow players to use their money during the online slot game.

On casino rooms as Energy Casino or BGO Casino you can also find some so-called freeroll slot tournaments, free-to-play competition with (small) real money prizes or that are usually great to practice or to earn tokens to enter more expensive events at no cost.

Once you pay your entry fee, the casino gives you a given numbers of credits that you need to use during the competition.

Since the buy-in is the only investment needed to play, the number of credits is the same for every player and cannot be increased once the competition begins.

Slot tournaments run for a predetermined amount of time and usually do not allow players to use particular video slot games feature as the "autoplay" or the "turbo" ones.

Once the competition starts, you need to be ready to do a lot of fast clicking not to miss a single chance to spin the reels and get more points before the time is up.

If a standard prize pool of a freeroll is of around $500, regular online slot tournaments work like this:

  • Players pay their entry fee;
  • All entry fees are collected by the room;
  • The total of all entry fees (minus a small percentage kept by the room) is used as the prize pool for the tournament.

This structure allows online slot games tournament to be particularly convenient and lucrative as they allow players to win huge amounts with very small buy-in fees.

The larger the player pool is, the more money there is to be won.

How to Win a Slot Tournament?

The principle behind slot tournaments is as easy as anyone could guess: once the time is up, the player with the highest number of credits in his account is the biggest winner.

What everyone love is that slot tournaments do not reward only the best player but, as any real tournaments would do, offer different prizes for far more than just one player.

The prize structure varies from one competition to the other and can often include also some funny "unexpected" bonuses awarded to the players at the bottom of the rankings.

Where Are The Best Online Slot Tournaments?

In case you are about to play your first ever online slot tournament, I suggest you to check out the freerolls available at Energy Casino.